Administrative Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Mr. Noam David Reschelbach Administrative Head of Faculty
Dr. Emil Aamar Lab Manager (Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Regulation)
Dr. Yoel Alter Lab Manager (Structural Biology of Infectious Diseases)
Dr. Michael Assa Inter-laboratory Microscope Technician
Mr. Yaniv Aton Animal Research Facility Staff
Ms. Sarit Azran-Aronovitz Coordinator, The Dean's office
Ms. Ilana Bar-Sabag Coordinator Financing and Acquisitions
Dr. Yiftah Barsheshet Lab Manager (Regulation of gene expression in the immune system in health and disease)
Dr. Naamah Bloch Lab Manager (Drug discovery and design)
Dr. Alissa Burstein Coordinator English Information and Content - Ramat Gan Campus
Mr. Moshe Chen Animal Research Facility Staff
Dr. Gal Cohen-Levy Lab Manager (Molecular & Cellular Cancer Biology)
Mr. Benjamin Costa Animal Research Facility
Ms. Shira Dadon Coordinator, Student Affairs
Mr. Yehiel Dahan Head, Maintenance and Logistics
Dr. Nomy Dickman Senior Lecturer; Head of Unit, Evaluation and Advancement of Education
Dr. Jumanah Essa-Hadad Lab Manager (Population Health)
Dr. Boris Fichtman Lab Manager (Nuclear Structure & Function)
Mr. Dmitriy Getselter Lab Manager (Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience)
Dr. Yehuda Gubbay Inter-laboratory Equipment Technician
Dr. Vyacheslav Gurevich Lab Manager (Viral Oncology)
Ms. Hadas Hasidim Coordinator, Graduate Studies
Ms. Tova Hasidim Coordinator, Staff and Logistics
Mr. Basem Hijazi Statistician
Mr. Dan Hinenzon Computer and Image Processing Consultant