Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Mission Statement

The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University was established in the year 2011 in the heart of the Galilee, Safed. It quickly climbed the ranks, leading in research and Israeli medical education. The Faculty promotes and develops healthcare services for the culturally diverse residents in the Galilee, focusing on population health.  Azrieli is cultivating local leaders and is internationally known for its contributions to science and medicine. 

The symbiosis between the training of future doctors and advanced degree graduate students provides fertile ground for growth and multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations leading to groundbreaking research.  The Faculty is currently experiencing a growth spurt, including a plan for the physical expansion of the campus, an increase in number of students, and the recruitment of additional leading researchers for its laboratories and research institutes in Galilee medical centers. 

The Faculty offers studies towards the MD degree as well as MSc and PhD degrees in biomedical and health sciences: 

  • The three-year track for medical students who have completed pre-clinical training abroad and would like to return to Israel 

  • The four-year track for students who have completed a BA/BS degree in any field, with appropriate background in the sciences 

  • The full six-year track for students with no academic background

  • The MD-PhD program for the best and brightest students, combining research in biomedical or health sciences research with the medical degree 

  • The advanced degree (MSc, PhD) program in biomedical or health sciences, which includes generous stipends from the university 

  • The Ministry of Health Ilanot medical leadership program for medical students

  • The ROM Galil (Tzafon Yarok) program for four-year medical students who wish to specialize in Family Medicine and settle in the Galilee 

  • The Mifal Hapayis Northern Stars program for outstanding residents at Galilee medical centers who would like to combine research with advanced training 

  • Certificate programs for healthcare workers 

Six medical centers and four regional Kupot Holim where clinical studies take place are affiliated with the Faculty. Three additional medical centers have teaching agreements with the Faculty. 

Azrieli is blessed with a young, dedicated, creative faculty that excels in teaching and research. They enthusiastically invest their time in the students, offering them a unique learning experience that prepares them for a professional future as doctors and scientists. 

The Faculty has the most advanced research laboratories, carrying out the most cutting edge translational research. Research is carried out with professionals and academics in the medical field, the biotechnology industry, and the Galilee community.   

Biomedical Research (35 research groups at the Faculty and affiliated hospital research institutes): microbiome, virology, structural and computational biology, drug development, genetic diseases, diabetes, immunology and more 

Health Sciences Research: bioethics, population health, epidemiology and environmental health 

Why Should I Study at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee? 

  • A fresh and unique approach to medical education and research, all the while emphasizing and focusing on advanced technological means and processes while still maintaining a personal touch. 

  • Focus is on healthy lifestyle and prevention. 

  • Innovative research labs with superior academic and research staff. 

  • Personal commitment to guide and accompany career development appropriate for each student. 

  • Generous stipends for MSc and PhD students. 

  • Attractive internship programs conducted in collaboration with the leading health institutions in the country. 

  • A unique opportunity to be a significant partner making a change in the health field for the residents of the Galilee and the entire State of Israel. 

  • Opportunity to learn in the beautiful Galilee,  close to nature in an environment conducive to learning and growth. 

If you see your future as a scientific-oriented doctor or researcher, striving to prevent illness, with excellent diagnostic and therapeutic skills, you belong at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University. 

The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine at Bar-Ilan University: Reaching New Heights in Medicine