Pearl Impulse-small imaging system

Location : Animal facility, Groundfloor building D,



Visualize imaging agents dynamically with rapid time-lapse imaging

Use native cells and cell lines for in vivo imaging, without reporter genes

Achieve exceptional sensitivity and deep target imaging with laser excitation and near-infrared fluorescent detection

Detect two near-infrared probes simultaneously

Acquire optimized images quickly with one-button operation

Use validated BrightSite™ targeting agents to get started immediately without developing your own agents


Excellent sensitivity

All aspects of the Pearl Impulse are designed and optimized for animal imaging. Exceptional sensitivity is achieved through detection at near-infrared wavelengths and laser excitation.

The Pearl Impulse is optimized to detect two industry leading IRDye® Near-Infrared Dyes, including IRDye 800CW, which has ideal absorption/emission wavelengths for in vivo imaging.

Excitation at near-infrared wavelengths is essential to achieve high target-to-background ratios with deeper tissue penetration. Detection systems utilizing visible fluorophores typically have low target-to-background ratios and shallow tissue penetration due to high tissue autofluorescence and light scattering at visible wavelengths.

Efficient Laser Excitation FieldBrite™ Xi incorporates two separate lasers (685 and 785 nm) for excitation, each closely matching the absorption wavelength of an IRDye for best excitation efficiency. Near-infrared laser illumination also permits much deeper tissue penetration than white light. Smaller targets can be visualized at greater depths, allowing earlier detection of orthotopic tumors.                                                 

Fast Imaging

Image acquisition is so simple, you can optionally have the Pearl® Impulse acquire a new image any time the imaging drawer is closed with a single button press. Load a mouse on an imaging bed, close the drawer, and in 30 seconds a perfect image is displayed in Pearl Impulse Software.

Image acquisition in less than 30 seconds promotes rapid screening and minimizes animal stress.

Image Studio Software for the Pearl® Impulse Imaging System simplifies operation by eliminating the need to choose filters, exposure settings, or imaging algorithms before imaging.

A perfect image on the first attempt eliminates time wasted capturing multiple images to get an optimal exposure.

A unique imaging bed design and imaging electronics make the Pearl Impulse Imager faster and more productive compared to other systems.

Motorized imaging drawer slides out for easy positioning of the mouse. Detachable imaging bed speeds transport from induction chamber.

Three channels per image acquisition: white light, 700 nm, and 800 nm.

Two separate targets can be screened simultaneously.

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