The Scientific Equipment Center

Breakthroughs and innovations in the fields of biology and medicine go hand-in-hand with new technologies that enable accurate measurements, faster and deeper analysis and synthesis as tools for innovative research.

At the Scientific Equipment Center, we provide access to cutting-edge technologies and novel approaches. These generate the fundamental environment that supports a wide range of disciplines and promote scientific excellence. We invite you to use our state-of-the-art facilities, high-end equipment and our staff expertise. Our highly-trained staff scientists will guide you through the entire experimental process, from sample preparation and instrument control all the way through to data acquisition and analysis. The Genome Technology Center offers a broad range of services for high-throughput sequencing experiments, including experimental design, library preparation, sequencing, bioinformatics and data analysis. The Center for Pre-Clinical studies support extensive and comprehensive research services in specialized and controlled environments.

The infrastructure of our centers allows for a wide range of experimental procedures and services in various fields including genomics and NGS, pre-clinical studies and animal housing services (SPF, biohazard and Germ Free facilities for mice, and specialized rooms for rat, frogs and fish), light microscopy, Scanning electron microscopy, histology, flow cytometry and cell sorting, spectral measurements, chromatography and Mass spectrometry, In-Vivo Imaging (including PET-CT, micro-CT and far red small animal imaging), molecular biology, and proteomics. We also have instruments that measure protein-protein interaction, Kinase activity, a cell irradiation system, and a Bio-Plex system.

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