The Genomic Technology Center of the Faculty

The field of genomics has swept the world of biology, It has accelerated the development of advanced genetic sequencing technologies at a stunning speed. Genomics is a technological field in which new innovations and enhancements are made every few months, and the scientific equipment and technologies are changing rapidly.

The Genomic Center is currently at the forefront of research in Israel and the world, as it is well accepted that our genetic material is the basis and template for the creation of all proteins found in the cell and that any mutation, addition or deficiency in a cell's DNA may cause a variety of diseases, such as cancer.Genomic Center

At the Genomic Center, research is being done to better understand the process of RNA- and DNA-sequencing, which includes the production of hereditary material and its preparation for sequencing.

More than 60 percent of the research done at the Faculty takes place at the Genomic Center. The amount of data produced by the genomic center is enormous. Processing of the data is done by the Faculty’s supercomputer, one of the most advanced supercomputer systems in Israel.

The Bio-Informatics unit completes the genomic center's ability to analyze the genetic sequencing data. The purpose of the Bioinformatics Unit is to adapt tools and develop new algorithms for analyzing the vast amount of information produced at the genomic center.

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