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  • shohat scholarship ceremony

    Scholarship Ceremony in Memory of Ilana Ne'eman (Maalot Massacre)

    A modest yet emotional ceremony was held today at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, granting scholarships in memory of Ilana Ne'eman who was murdered at the age of 17 at the Maalot Massacre in 1974.

    Ilana was a high school student from Safed and was spending the weekend with her class at the Netiv Meir School in Maalot when DFLP terrorists infiltrated Israel from Lebanon, killed other victims on their way to Maalot, then left 22 students dead after an attempted rescue operation by Sayeret Matkal.

    Former Mayor of Safed, Ilan Shohat, who was named after his aunt, initiated the scholarship which was granted today to two medical students who have committed to volunteering in the community. The students introduced themselves, and Shohat's daughter read a letter that was written by Ilana Ne'eman just before she was murdered. The Dean Prof. Karl Skorecki, Faculty members, family, and a survivor of the attack were in attendance.

    Shohat Scholarship Ceremony


  • Teddy Bear Hospital

    The Return of the Teddy Bear Hospital

    Does your Teddy Bear have a tummy ache? Has your doll broken its arm? Afraid your Raggedy Ann caught Corona? All these scenarios and more were addressed at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine annual Teddy Bear Hospital.

    After a break last year due to Corona, this year, again thanks to the warm support and generosity of Freddy Zinger, the Teddy Bear Hospital has returned, this time via Zoom.

    On the afternoon of May 3, 2021, over 500 pre-registered youngsters accompanied by their parents were greeted online by a staff of over 30 first and second year medical school students led by Amit Gabbai who did their best to expose the children to typical medical scenarios in orthopedics, emergency medicine, radiology, surgery, cardiology, ophthamology and ENT, as well as dentistry - via their stuffed animals.

    After short pre-recorded videos introducing the viewers to the above departments, break away rooms were opened to "treat" the dolls in real time. Medical students interacted with their charges via Zoom, instructing them how, for example, to make a cast for their Teddy Bear's broken leg. In this way, the children (and their parents!) were exposed to typical medical conditions they might encounter one day, with the hopes of allaying their fears or anxiety related to medical care. The session ended with a pre-recorded song and dance about nutrition.

    The children also learned how to check pulse and blood pressure, and were taught all about vaccines, blood tests, hygiene, and what to expect in the emergency room.

    The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Karl Skorecki, brought his favorite doll, Chickie the chicken, who didn't feel well, for treatment.

    Children actively participated in the activity, asked excellent questions, and shared their personal experiences about health care.

    We hope to see you next year! Meanwhile, you can view a few videos (in Hebrew - but you'll get the idea!) here, here, here, and here.

    Pictures of the event can be seen here.

    לוגו מתת

  • Michael Weingarten Street

    Street Named for Prof. Michael Weingarten z"l

    A very emotional street naming ceremony in Rosh HaAyin took place on April 22, 2021. 

    The new street is named after Prof. Michael Weingarten, z"l.

    Prof. Weingarten was one of the founders of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine and was very loved by his colleagues and patients. Originally an Oleh from England, Prof. Weingarten, a specialist in family medicine, established a clinic in Rosh HaAyin where he devoted himself to the local population and became well known and appreciated. Upon the establishment of Bar-Ilan University's new Faculty of Medicine in the year 2011, he chose to move with his family to Safed to become Associate Dean of Medical Education where he built up the medical curriculum from scratch. 

    He is missed.

    Prof. Michael Weingarten


  • Outstanding instructors, GMC apr21

    Certificates of Appreciation Awarded to Clinical Instructors, Galilee Medical Center

    The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine views excellence in medical education as one of its top priorities. In order to acknowledge those who have devoted themselves to training the next generation of physicians - and who are good at what they do - the Faculty holds ceremonies bestowing certificates of excellence.

    The ceremony singling out excellent teachers from the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya (GMC) was held today in person, with the option to join online for those who could not make it or who do not hold a "Green Pass."

    Moderated by Sharon Mines, the administrative coordinator of medical education, the ceremony was opened by the Dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Karl Skorecki. Following, with words of thanks, appreciation, encouragement, and optimism for the future landscape of medical care in Israel, were Prof. Eric Shinwell (Associate Dean, Medical Education), Dr. Nomy Dickman (Head of Unit, Evaluation and Advancement of Education), and Prof. Masad Barhoum (General Director of GMC).

    After a short musical interlude by the GMC chorus, certificates were handed out individually to the proud recipients.

    We appreciate your hard work!

    List of recipients (in Hebrew):

    על הצטיינותם בהוראה בלימודים הקדם קליניים:

    ד"ר רנין אבו שאקרה
    ד"ר צפריר אור
    פרופ' יעקב בורנשטיין
    ד"ר חסן דוניה
    ד"ר ירובינסקי דימיטרי
    ד"ר פאדי חסן
    ד"ר מיכל כרמיאל
    ד"ר מרינה נודלמן
    ד"ר מוחמד נפאע
    ד"ר לואיזה עכריה
    ד"ר אירינה רובינצ'יק

    על הצטיינותם בהוראה הקלינית בבתי החולים:
    בתחום האף, אוזן גרון:
    ד"ר מעיין גרובר
    ד"ר עמיאל דרור
     ד"ר אייל סלע

    בתחום האנדוקרינולוגיה וסכרת:
     ד"ר עמיר בשקין

    בתחום הגניקולוגיה ומיילדות:
    ד"ר חמודי רודי
    ד"ר אבישלום שרון
    בתחום האונקולוגיה:
    ד"ר חטיב אחמד
    ד"ר פאינה דורלשטר
    ד"ר אנקה ליבוביץ

    בתחום הדימות:
    ד"ר עודד בן חיים
    ד"ר יערה בראשטר

    בתחום האורולוגיה:
    ד"ר נסיב דאלי
    ד"ר דימיטרי פרטר
    בתחום הגריאטריה:
    ד"ר בוריס סבירסקי

    בתחום טיפול נמרץ:
    ד"ר אלכסנדר סמוחלוב

    בתחום הגסטרו:
    ד"ר סבית ויסאם
    ד"ר תאופיק חורי
    ד"ר מיכל כרמיאל

    בתחום המטולוגיה:
    ד"ר אמיר קופרמן

    בתחום נאונטולוגיה:
    ד"ר אירנה אולנובסקי

    בתחום פה ולסת:
    ד"ר ליאור צדוק

    חוג לרפואה פנימית:
    ד"ר רינה דולינסקי
    פרופ' עאסי נימר
    ד"ר אמיר סעב
    ד"ר  אליאס סעד

    חוג לרפואת ילדים:
    ד"ר שאדיה חסן

    חוג קרדיולוגיה:
    ד"ר אלי חלפון
    ד"ר גסאן מועדי

    חוג לכירורגיה:
    ד"ר אירנה אולנובסקי
    ד"ר איגור וקסמן

    מחלקות מצטיינות:
    גריאטריה - ד"ר אדוארד קייקוב
    אורולוגיה – ד"ר דוד קקישבילי
    פנימית ב  - ד"ר אמיר סעב
    נאונטולוגיה -  ד"ר ורד שלייפר שפר

    תוכנית המנטור:
    ד"ר אלית ארנון שלג

  • Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern

    Dr. Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern Receives Rector's Award for Scientific Innovation

    Congratulations to Dr. Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern upon receipt of the Rector's prize for scientific innovation. Dr. Frenkel-Morgenstern is one of 16 Bar-Ilan University faculty to receive this accolade for excellent scientific achievement in the 2019-20 academic year. In addition to a warm letter from the Rector, Prof. Amnon Albeck, as well as a research grant from the university, Bar-Ilan hopes to hold a ceremony in person this year.

  • Israeli flag

    Commemorating the Fallen: Azrieli Faculty Commemorates Yom HaZikaron

    The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine today held a ceremony commemorated Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Actions of Terrorism, Israel's official remembrance day.

    Yom HaZikaron falls this year on April 14, 2021 but staff and students convened in person (according to Ministry of Health regulations, due to to the Coronavirus) and via Zoom today, April 13, 2021.

    The Dean, Prof. Karl Skorecki, shared a few solemn words, yet reiterating that the transition from Yom HaZikaron to Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) on Wednesday night (April 14, 2021) is what makes our country so unique - the ability to be grateful for all the sacrifices that have made our independence possible, and to continue to look forward with optimism and plans for growth.

    Lee Azouli who heads the Student Union came to the podium next, describing his feelings about his extended army service, his friends from his unit, battles fought, and the hardship of loss.

    However, the main speaker was Oded Raanan, the son of the Ahi (INS) Dakar commander. Mr. Raanan was only a child when his father never returned from the fateful journey from England to Haifa in 1968. Sixty-nine crew members were never found, though the submarine was finally located in the year 1999. A short question and answer session followed, then the singing of Hatikvah, the national anthem.

    יהי זכרם ברוך May all the fallen rest in peace.

    INS Dakar presentation, Oded Raanan


  • Yom Hashoah 2021

    Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Commemorates Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)

    The Azrileli Faculty of Medicine Student Union commemorated Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day) in a very moving ceremony via Zoom for students and staff alike.

    Immediately after the national two minute siren at 10 AM, Estela Payapanyan of the Student Union invited the Dean, Prof. Karl Skorecki, to say a few words. Prof. Skorecki pointed out that this year, special attention is being devoted to the courage of medical professionals during the Holocaust. He presented a short history of the codes of medical and research ethics, and its importance. Lee Azulai of the Student Union spoke next, sharing a bit about his experience as a medical student in Germany. The highlight of the gathering was a third generation testimonial of a second year student in the four-year track, Michel Buchinger, who told the story of her grandfather, a survivor, and his family.

    The ceremony culminated with Hatikvah, the National Anthem.










    buchinger testimonial

  • vake

    Dr. Nomy Dickman Participates in AVaKE Project

    Dr. Nomy Dickman, head of the unit for Development and Evaluation of Education at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, and member of  AVaKE, recently served as a counselor for the Erasmus+-project of the European Union on “Changing Landscapes in the Health and Life Sci­ences: Ethical Challenges of Big Data” (DATAETHICS). AVaKE, the Association for Values and Knowledge Education, is an associate partner of the project which was coordinated by the Uni­versity Medical Center Göttingen, University of Göttingen.

    This transnational project aims at updating the conceptual and ethical considerations that arise from Biomedical Big Data (BBD) collection and use. The project will expedite cooperation between EU countries to identify best practices for BBD. Pparticipants were from nine European universities and medical faculties from Ireland, Spain, UK, Sweden, NL, France, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

    Prof. Jean-Luc Patry of the University of Salzburg writes: "On behalf of AVaKE, the Association for Values and Knowledge Education (AVaKE), I wish to thank you for your contribution in the virtual exercise of the DATAETHICS Erasmus+ project (which was conceived by AVaKE) and particularly for the feedback to the students that you provided in the Academic panel (Zoom conference on March 3, 2021)."

    Dr. Dickman promotes and supervises teaching with VaKE, supervises research on VaKE, initiates VaKE teaching and research programs and promotes VaKE in Israel and worldwide.



  • Outstanding instructor ceremony - Nomy Dickman

    Certificates of Appreciation Awarded to Clinical Instructors, Galilee Hospitals and Kupot Holim

    Just before the Passover break, on March 22, 2021, a Zoom ceremony took place to acknowledge the hard work of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine's clinical instructors. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to excellent teachers from the following hospitals and Kupot Holim:

    • The EMMS (Scottish) hospital in Nazareth
    • The Holy Family Hospital (Italian) in Nazareth​
    • The French Hospital in Nazareth ​
    • Emek Medical Center (Afula)
    • Mazor (Mazra) Mental Health Center (Acco) 
    • Clalit Health Services Northern District 
    • Clalit Health Services Haifa and Western Galilee District 
    • Maccabi Health Services Northern District 

    Introduced by the Administrative Head of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Noam Reshelbach, the Dean, Prof. Karl Skorecki then offered words of thanks. He pointed out the special challenges faced during the trying Corona times when teaching arrangements had to be quickly adapted and modified. He then tied in the underlying message of Passover and the Seder - asking questions - with the goal of effective medical education.

    Representatives from each hospital and health fund were then invited to say a few words and Dr. Nomy Dickman, head of the unit for Development and Evaluation of Education pointed out how hard it is to be an excellent teacher of medicine, and thanked all present for their dedication.

    A short video of the Faculty was aired and Prof. Skorecki ended with a positive note, that the Faculty hopes to see increasing numbers of clinical instructors in the near future.

    Award recipients (in Hebrew):

    בית החולים המשפחה הקדושה

    ד"ר סמיח זועבי מורה מצטיין בחוג לכירורגיה
    ד"ר באסל חאג' מורה מצטיין בחוג לכירורגיה
    ד"ר יעקובי סאלח מורה מצטיין בחוג לרפואה פנימית
    ד"ר חוסין סנד מורה מצטיין בחוג לרפואה פנימית
    מכון לגסטרואנטורולגיה מחלקה מצטיינת
    כללית גליל מערבי
    ד"ר רים אליאס מצטיינת בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לגיניקולוגיה ומיילדות
    ד"ר עלי בשיר מורה מצטיין בחוג לרפואת המשפחה
    ד"ר פיארוז נאסר מצטיינת בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר אכלאס סעד אלאדין מצטיינת בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לגיניקולוגיה ומיילדות
    ד"ר אנטוניו קוטלר מצטיין בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לרפואת פנימית
    בית חולים העמק
    ד"ר נופר גרינמן מרצה פרה קליני מצטיינת בתוכנית הארבע שנתית 
    ד"ר אריאל ניימן מורה מצטיין בתחום פלסטיקה
    ד"ר מירב שטראוס מנחה מצטיינית בלימודים פרה קליינים
    הוראה קדם קלינית 
    ד"ר קרן פרינס מנחה מצטיינית בלימודים פרה קליינים
    ד"ר דוד אלון מורה מצטיין בחוג לפסיכיאטריה
    קופת חולים כללית מחוז צפון
    ד"ר אופליה אבו נסרא מצטיינת בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לגיניקולוגיה ומיילדות
    ד"ר מירב אלוביץ מנחה מצטיינית בלימודים פרה קליינים
    ד"ר יוסף גלושטיין מצטיין בהוראה קליניית בקהילה  בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר אלכסנדרה ורז'יביצקי מורה מצטיינת בחוג לרפואת המשפחה
    ד"ר אברהם טפר מצטיין בהוראה קליניית בקהילה  בחוג לגיניקולוגיה ומיילדות
    ד"ר תמר ליברמן מורה מצטיינת בחוג לפסיכאטריה
    ד"ר עיסאם מוקלאשי מצטיין בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר טטיאנה סלבסקי מצטיינת בהוראה קליניית בקהילה  בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר אריאלה עופרן מרצה פרה קליני מצטיינת 
    ד"ר ענת עייני מנחה מצטיינת בחוג לרפואת משפחה 
    ד"ר איאד עסאווי מצטיין בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר אינה פיליפוב מורה מצטיינת בחוג לרפואת המשפחה
    ד"ר יורם קורמן מורה מצטיין בחוג לרפואת המשפחה
    ד"ר אליה קצפ מצטיין בהוראה קליניית בקהילה בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר זהר שני- גרשון כמרצה פרה קליני מצטיינת בתוכנית התלת שנתי ובתוכנית הארבע שנתית 
    ילדים קהילה מחוז צפון קלרקשיפ מצטיין
    ד"ר עדי אור מנחה מצטיינית בהוראה פרה קלינית 
    ד"ר יונתן אוראל מורה מצטיין בחוג לרפואת המשפחה
    ד"ר סוזן ברש מנחה מצטיינית בהוראה פרה קלינית 
    בית חולים הסקוטי
    ד"ר ניבאל חמאיסי מורה מצטיינת בחוג לגיניקולוגיה ומיילדות
    ד"ר סוזאן מוסטפא מורה מצטיינת בחוג לגיניקולוגיה ומיילדות
    בית חולים הצרפתי
    ד"ר אחלאם אבו אחמד מורה מצטיינת בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר חביב אדיב מורה מצטיין בחוג לרפואת ילדים
    ד"ר נסראללה אליאס מורה מצטיין בחוג לרפואת ילדים



  • Glikman webinar

    Have Antibiotics Become Passé?

    The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Tenth Anniversary festivities opened on March 24, 2021 with a timely and interesting Zoom webinar, the first of a series of four. Led by Prof. Daniel Glikman, Vice Dean for Pre-clinical Studies, the webinar discussed antibiotic use and questioned whether we have reached an end of an era. After an introduction by the Dean, Prof. Karl Skorecki, Prof. Glikman, a pediatrician specializing in pediatric infectious diseases who has been with the Faculty since its founding, brought up many questions, including:

    • How did antibiotics develop?
    • How widespread is antibiotic use, among humans and in agriculture?
    • How does antibiotic resistance come into being, how serious is it, and what can we do about this?
    • How has antibiotic use and misuse changed since its discovery?
    • What is bacteria and how do they behave?
    • Is this is local or a global challenge, and why?
    • Why aren't new antibiotics being developed?
    • How can we help the situation?

    For those of you who missed the webinar, it can be viewed here (in Hebrew).



  • Lilach Matatskey

    Dr. Lilach Malatskey: New Online Course in Lifestyle Medicine

    Dr. Lilach Malatskey, Vice Dean for Community Medical Education at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, is excited to announce that an online course (in Hebrew) in Lifestyle Medicine has been launched by the Israeli Society of Lifestyle Medicine of the Israeli Medical Association. Dr. Malatskey serves as the academic coordinator of the course and is one of the lecturers. 


    Lifestyle Medicine course

  • pesach toast

    Happy Passover!

    With optimism and an increasing feeling of freedom in the air, the Azrieli Faculty convened today (still via Zoom) to toast the upcoming holiday of Passover as well as Easter, Ramadan, and Ziyarat al-Nabi Shu'ayb, all celebrated in the rejuvenating spring season.

    Prof. Karl Skorecki, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, opened the meeting from his office with a dvar Torah. He pointed out that one of the lesser known aspects important in the Passover holiday, is the pascal sacrifice (קרבן פסח) which is symbolically portrayed in the Seder. He explained that the root of the word קרבן (sacrifice/korban) can mean להקריב (sacrifice, or give up) but also לקרב (to make closer). We learn from this that one cannot get close without giving up, sacrificing, something. Indeed, the Passover sacrifice must be done in the community of others, not alone. In a similar manner, the work of the Faculty embodies sacrifice, while working together.

    Also offering toasts were Ms. Ligat Daudi representing the student body; Dr. Erez Onn, director general of the Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Poria; Dr. Salman Zarka, director of the Ziv Medical Center in Safed; Dr. Masad Barhoum, general director of the Galilee Medical Center; Dr. Fahed Hakim, general director of EMMS Nazareth Hospital; Mr. Yoel Carasso of the Beyachad Foundation that was visiting the Faculty and joined the toast; Prof. Johnny Younis, vice dean clinical education; and Prof. Tzipora C. Falik-Zaccai, vice dean, medical research.

    Happy Passover!

    pesach toast

    pesach toast

    pesach toast

  • Galilium Conference

    Medical Cadets Present Their Final Research Projects at Galileum Conference

    Last evening, March 18, 2021, the 7th annual Galileum conference presenting the final projects of high school student research in science and technology was held via Zoom and EventPlace. Participants included the medical cadet project, a prestigious three-year program for high school students in the Galilee that includes lectures, seminars, excursions, and ultimately, preparation of a final research paper under the supervision of an Azrieli Faculty of Medicine researcher. The highly regarded program counts towards the Bagrut matriculation for the students.

    After introductory remarks by Ms. Ofri Peri Galin, the Galileum medical cadet research project coordinator; Ms. Carmit Shahar, director of Galileum; Prof. Chaim Putterman, Azrieli Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Research Institute at the Galilee Medical Center; Mr. Menachem Nadler, head of the division for gifted and outstanding children at the Ministry of Education; Ms. Nurit Tsur-Rabino, CEO of the Western Galilee Cluster; Mr. David Zigdon, CEO of MIGAL Galilee Research Institute; Prof. Reuven Yosef, national biology research project instructor; and Mr. Yoel Avni, the agriculture pedagogic supervisor, the students accompanied by their proud families and guests as well as dignitaries, dispersed to Zoom rooms to present their research. After the "defense" and a joint escape room activity, all participants reconvened to hear the names of the evening's winners (in Hebrew):

    סופיה נסדקינה - מבואות עירון
    מאיה מטאנס - מקיף א' מע'ר
    איריס ניצן - אנה פראנק סאסא
    רעות יצחק - אנה פראנק סאסא
    איאן ק'בלאן - מקיף בית ג'ן
    נוהא פארס - אורט דנציגר קרית שמונה
    נועה פריסלץ - ליאו בק, חיפה

    We are proud of all 40 young researchers, and look forward to reading about your future accomplishments and achievements in the future! As Prof. Putterman said, "I do not see this as a presentation of your final projects, but as a conference launching your future research!"

    Galileum conference


  • int'l kidney day

    Prof. Karl Skorecki at International Kidney Day

    On March 11, 2021, International Kidney Day, Prof. Karl Skorecki, Dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine and a nephrologist himself, presented in a podcast about the causes of kidney disease and revealed several less known facts to the public. This and other podcasts can be accessed via the BIU Bardaat application, here. More details in Hebrew, here.

  • Keren Agay-Shay

    Dr. Keren Agay-Shay: Health and Economic Costs of Air Pollution

    For years it has been known that there are higher mortality and morbidity rates in the Haifa Bay area. A new research study evaluates the economic price that the State of Israel pays for morbidity and mortality in the region from air pollution...to read on, click here and here.