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  • תלמידי נשר

    Giving Back to the Community: Nesher Students Visit Faculty



    A group of ninth grade students from Nesher Middle School visited Prof. Itay Onn's laboratory on February 22, 2024. These students are participants in the Ramon Foundation's SpaceLab project, which focuses on science education and space exploration.

    The students chose to focus on the topic of building biological walls using fungus. These walls are easy to prepare, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. Under the guidance of Prof. Onn, the students prepared an experiment to test how microgravity affects the construction of the biological wall. During the visit, the students toured the laboratory. The director of the laboratory, Dr. Avi Matityahu, and the students demonstrated and explained the methods for growing the fungus and for analyzing the results that the students will use in the experiment. The group will soon compete in the district finals. If they win, they will compete in the national finals. The winning team will get to perform the experiment aboard the International Space Laboratory. We wish them success!


  • שי בל

    Congratulation to Dr. Shai Bel: Recipient of Rector's Prize for Scientific Innovation


    Prof. Amnon Albeck, Rector of Bar-Ilan University, has sent a personal congratulatory letter to Dr. Shai Bel, one of twelve Bar-Ilan University researchers who were chosen this year for this prize, for his achievements in the 2022-23 academic year. A celebratory event will take place in May.

    Congratulations, Dr. Bel!


  • ROM Galil in Eilat

    ROM Galil Students Practice Medicine While Supervised Remotely, in Eilat


    Six third-year, four-year MD track students from the prestigious ROM Galil community medicine program, headed by Dr. Anat Einy, flew down recently for two days to volunteer at a counseling clinic  for citizens who were relocated to Eilat due to the war. Participating in the activity were the Natan non-profit association, the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, and professional experts from the North. 

    The consulting doctors, who volunteered, remained in the center and the North of the country while the students (who went down south in two rounds), Dr. Dalit Navot, Dr. Sharon Shaul - responsible for the health field at the Natan association, and Dr. Einy went down to Eilat to be with the students.

    Consultant physicians included:

    • Dr. Amitai Oberman of Tzafon Medical Center (internal medicine and geriatrics), as well as Faculty of Medicine instructor
    • Prof. Peter Gilby, Clalit physician (ENT) as well as Faculty of Medicine instructor
    • Dr. Ayelet Ollech of the Sheba Medical Center (pediatric dermatology)

    Consultations was carried out with the help of telemedicine, via a system that allows accurate remote photography, transmission of images from an otoscope, transmission of heart sounds, transmission of ultrasound and EKG images.

    Each patient arrived about an hour before the consultation with the specialist, the student received him or her, performed a medical interview and a relevant physical examination. Afterwards, the student sat with the patient and presented them in front of a screen to the consultant. After a combined conversation with the patient, the consultant and the student, the consulting doctor made his recommendations and the student continued with the patient for an explanation of how to proceed.

    There were about ten patients in each round.

    Patients and students were very satisfied with the learning, and grateful.

    The educators reported that this was an example of medical education at its best.

    We hope to continue, with evacuees from the north as well. 




  • מתנות

    With Thanks to Our Reservists


    The student union and Faculty management would like to express their thanks to the Faculty of Medicine students who serve in the IDF reserves, and have organized for them a winter gift basket that includes a blanket, thermal cup, and tea infusions.

    Thank you.

    thank you

  • אפוד אקדמי

    Warm Welcome Back to Our Reservists


    Slowly but surely, our reserve soldiers are returning to the classroom.

    The war has affected all of us, and continues to influence everything we do, but have certainly not forgotten our important role - training the best doctors for the future of our country, and top-rate researchers in the fields of biomedicine and health. They will be the ones who make a positive difference as we look forward.

    To date, some 50 reservists remain in active duty (among some 530 MD students and some 140 graduate students).

    Every student receives personal attention from the academic secretariat and the educational management, a "coat of armor" answering to personal needs, and the  complete back-up and assistance of the student union.

    Some of the personally tailored solutions we are offering include:

    • "Make up" clinical round dates
    • Remedial classes
    • Additional exam dates
    • Parallel semester ("shadowing")
    • Semester extension
    • Implementation of Bar-Ilan policies to assist returning students

    We pray all will overcome the current difficulties, both personal and national.


  • טכנולוגיית VR בשרות ההוראה

    VR Technology at the Forefront of Medical Education


    How does one teach empathy? Apparently, in the 21st century, and at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine - also with the help of technology!

    Last week, members of the management were presented with a project aimed at supplementing the teaching of the doctor/patient rapport - via the use of VR technology.

    They were shown films that were produced especially for the project, heard about the ongoing discussions with the students following the viewing, and listened to the pilot findings of the research accompanying the implementation of the project.

    The findings show significant differences among students before and after the viewing, on the Jefferson University Empathy Questionnaire.

    Also, a report was presented that discussed answers to open-ended questions asked after the post-viewing questionnaire. Students wrote about the unique contribution of the experience, and the need to repeat this experience throughout their studies, including during their medical internship.

    The Dean and management were impressed by the project, which is led by Dr. Yuri Perlitz, head of gynecology and director of the mother and child division at the Tzafon Medical Center and Dr. Nomy Dickman, the dean's advisor for innovative teaching and head of the unit for evaluation and teaching promotion, together with Faculty graduate Dr. Doron Kuhn-Shortz. They emphasized that all students in the clinical rounds should be allowed to participate in it.

    Some present admitted that they had their doubts and were skeptical but after the presentation, were convinced of the importance of the project.


    "Live" update picture from February 6, 2024:

    VR empathy


  • אורלי ומאיה

    First Ceremony for Students in New Six-Year MD Track



    On January 24, 2024, an exciting White Coat ceremony was held at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine for the first time – six-year track MD students, the first class, received their white coats in preparation for the start of clinical studies in the hospitals as part of a medical exposure course.

    The white coat ceremony symbolizes the transition from the pre-clinical studies that take place in the faculty, to the clinical studies in the hospitals that are studied at the patient's bedside.

    The ceremony was attended by Prof. Orly Avni, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Moshe Dessau, Vice Dean for Pre-Clinical Education; Prof. Daniel Glikman, Associate Dean Clinical Advancement; Sharon Mines, Administrative Deputy to the Associate Dean of Medical Education; and Medical Exposure course coordinators Dr. Maya Wolff from the Galilee Medical Center and Dr. David Rotem from the Ziv Medical Center.

    Prof. Avni congratulated the students, stating that this is a ceremony that is being performed for the first time in the first year of the six-year track before entering the medical departments, and stressing its importance for the students' identity as medical staff in the departments - and the responsibility they bear as a result.

    In addition, they also congratulated Prof. Moshe Dessau and Dr. Maya Wolff on behalf of the course team (Dr. David Rotem, Coordinator and Dr. Shani Or, Teaching Assistant) for their dedicated professionalism and responsibility in the clinic, and their compassion and sensitivity.

    The names of the 75 medical students were read and each of them personally received from the Dean and the course coordinators, the white coat and the personal badge with their name. The excitement was felt in the air.

    The medical exposure course was designed with the aim of exposing the students to the clinic and the medical activity in the departments as early as the first year of studies for an initial introduction to the medical system in various fields of medicine and the development of communication and teamwork skills. Another goal of the course is to stimulate curiosity and interest, social bonding, and a break from the theoretical studies that characterize the pre-clinical phase of studies.

    The students enjoyed lectures from the faculty on topics such as therapist-patient communication, taking medical history and performing a physical examination, teamwork and medical interfaces, the urgent patient and the chronic patient, and ethics in medicine. Later in the course, the students will join clinical meetings in the departments of internal medicine, surgery, children, emergency medicine, and gynecology and obstetrics in three hospitals in small groups accompanied by dedicated clinical instructors.

    Best wishes to the students for success in their studies and clinical experiences!

    In the photo above, the Dean Prof. Orly Avni and Dr. Maya Wolff.



  • 100 ימים

    One Hundred Days at War and in Captivity Commemorated


    The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, in parallel with the event at Bar-Ilan University's Ramat Gan Campus, commemorated one hundred days of war and captivity.

    From the words of the Dean, Prof. Orly Avni:

    "Today, January 14th, time seems to have frozen since October 7th. The feeling of loss, the likes of which we have never known, families torn apart physically and emotionally, and entire communities facing displacement with the shocking reality of war and uncertainty. And our hearts are in Gaza. Sleepless nights, and fear of hearing 'we are sorry to inform you'. We see such young and alive faces hugging their families. Fearing the knock on the door. Recognizing more familiar names... We are making headway. But still, 136 innocent people, men, women and children are being held captive by Hamas. ...And we are being held to the test of the highest values of the Israeli spirit, mutual responsibility....And we, meanwhile, at the Faculty, will strengthen, and be strengthened, repair shaky foundations, and continue to lead in what we know how to do best, medical research and the training of doctors and scientists for the sake of the future of the State of Israel. We will prepare the ground for a quick and supportive absorption of all our soldiers, and we will continue to hear the voices of those in captivity. We, and our precious State of Israel, will return to prosper and flourish."

    Student Aviad Shaertz and laboratory manager Moran Teitelbaum, who read a letter from Oferi Perry, the daughter of the abductee Haim Perry – also spoke

    To see a video from the event, click here (credit and thanks to Michal Teitelbaum - Hydromedia).

    Thanks to Yehiel Dahan, Tal Zadok, and Hadas Oren, for making the assembly possible.

  • Groundbreaking Bezeq

    The Expansion Continues!


    Thursday January 4, 2024 was an exciting day at the Faculty, with the groundbreaking that took place at the "Bezeq" site which will be the future home of the Faculty's education facility.

    In addition four new classrooms were opened in the office building across the street from the Faculty's campus. These classrooms are crucial in order to keep pace with the Faculty's growing student body, as we welcome the new six-year track MD class.

    Pictured below: Ofer Shragay (V.P. Operations), Gadi Buganim, (head of Operations Division Construction Department), Ariel Tisson (Faculty Construction Manager), Noam David Reshelbach (Administrative Head of Faculty), Ran Shetel (Building Supervisor, Barnea Engineering and Building Ltd.).

    We wish all a successful academic year - and continued expansion.


    בנין סבג

  • MD feelings day 1

    Academic Year 2023-24 Opens


    Yesterday, December 31, 2023, the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine finally completed the opening of the 2023-24 academic year for all students (with the hope that the serving reservists will also safely return to the classroom, soon).

    First-year students in the four- and six-year track medical programs (the first six year cohort!) had their orientation. led by dedicated and excited faculty (clinical studies  commenced on November 5, 2023, three-year track first year on December 3, 2023, and four-year second year on December 24, 2023.)

    Prof. Moshe Dessau, Vice Dean Pre-Clinical Education, conducted an online survey among the students in real time at the orientation, and asked each one to write how he or she feels, in one word. The results were presented at the meeting and can be seen here in the picture. Prof. Dessau: "We were happy to see that most of the emotions were of excitement, joy, hope, and motivation."

    In the photo below, new medical students at orientation - and new graduate students (25 new student this year) at their orientation. The Dean, Prof. Orly Avni, in the photos, welcomed everyone with warm greetings and words of support.

    On another note - the rector of Bar-Ilan University, Prof. Amnon Albeck, sent a letter regarding recent prestigious awards and appointments of faculty members and students, congratulating them on their achievements:

    • Dr. Nomy Dickman on her appointment to the Collaborative Learning Based Team TBLC .Research and Scholarship Committee
    • Dr. Moran Yadid on winning the prestigious Zuckerman award for this academic year
    • Shira Ben Simon, for winning a scholarship named after the late Prof. Nehemia Levtzion, for doctoral students and outstanding doctoral students from the periphery for this academic year
    • Orly Weissberg, for winning a prestigious scholarship from the Teva company ("NFBI") The National Forum for BioInnovators


    orientation 31dec23

  • אילנות

    Ilanot Galil Orientation Seminar


    With much enthusiasm, the opening seminar of the second cohort of the Ilanot Galil program was a success.

    Thirty nine "cadets" representing all sectors of Israeli society, medical students who just started their academic year today (December 31, 2023) at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, chose to join the prestigious "Ilanot" honors program that will be building the future generation of medicine in the North. The Ilanot program has defined as its goal to work hard to push the students, to challenge them, and to instill in them knowledge, tools and values that will help them in this great task.

    We would like to thank the members of the advisory committee and other partners who contributed, supported, developed, and accompanied the seminar:
    Itzik Devash
    Prof. Imad Abu Al Naj
    Prof. Lior Lowenstein
    Dr. Noam Yehudai
    Dr. Ariela Ofran

    Special thanks to the administrative staff who toiled day and night to make this all possible and are a great inspiration:
    Einat Ben Nun
    Alexei Belinsky
    Rachel Brenner-Shelem
    Naama Yona
    Ayelet Greenbaum
    Adi Ben Mordechai

    In the words of a second-year cadet: "The two days together gave me a lot of motivation to start the year, I found real partners on the journey here, my understanding became clearer about how many opportunities exist here in the North, and I leave here optimistic and excited for the future."

  • Sawaed and Shehadeh

    Congratulations Wisal!


    Congratulations to Wisal Sawaed, a graduate student supervised by Dr. Ron Piran, on receipt of a scholarship from the Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE and D cure Association. She was the only one to receive this award, which was presented at the National Diabetes Conference on December 27, 2023.

    Wisal received the grant from Prof. Naim Shehadeh, Director of the Faculty's Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE and president of the Israeli Diabetes Association, and from Prof. Itamar Raz, head of the National Council of Diabetes.

    Wisal is in the final stages of her doctorate and will be presenting her research in the coming weeks.





  • מזכירות אקדמית

    Academic Secretariat Delegation Visits Safed Campus


    The week was full of important visits from the Bar-Ilan U Ramat Gan campus administration. After the "Triumvirate" Visit, Academic Secretariat delegates* headed by Dr. Orly Perl, visited on December 21, 2023.  The group met the Dean, Prof. Orly Avni and also (in no particular order) Prof. Meital Gal-Tanamy, Prof. Evan Elliott, Noam David Reshelbach, Sharon Mines, Dr. Rotem Kahlon, Prof. Moshe Dessau, Dr. Meir Shamay, Hadas Hasidim, Dr. Dorit Raviv Shay, and Sarit Azran Aharonovitz - during meetings regarding the disciplinary committee, scholarships, study programs, and postdoctoral studies.

    We would be happy to host you and representatives from the campus in Ramat Gan, again.

    * Shira Shaaben, office manager
      Oranit Hagbi, scholarships
      Tova Yosef, study programs
      Eveline Mor, disciplinary committee
      Dan Rotkovitch, postdoctoral studies


  • ביקור

    BIU "Triumvirate" Visit Faculty Safed Campus


    The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine was honored to host a very important entourage from Bar-Ilan University yesterday, December 20, 2023 in Safed. The forum consisted of the President Prof. Arie Zaban, CEO Zohar Yinon, and Rector Prof. Amnon Albeck.

    The group - including directors of the affiliated hospitals, the CEO of Clalit North District, and the mayor of Safed Mr. Shuki Ohana - was led by Prof. Orly Avni, Dean of the Faculty, and Noam David Reshelbach, administrative head.

    Prof. Meital Gal Tanamy updated the guests on the latest developments at the Faculty, and Prof. Naim Shehada and Dr. Sivan Spitzer, on the Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE.

    The Forum toured the laboratories of researchers (PIs) Dr. Nir Qvit, Dr. Ronit Ilouz, Dr. Ron Piran and Dr. David Anshel, led by Prof. Gal Tanamy.

    As part of the visit, the BIU management awarded all the affiliated hospital directors, and the CEO of Clalit North District, POCUS devices as appreciation for their contribution to the war effort.

    Towards the end of the day, a Forum meeting was held at the Faculty, attended by the Dean and Sharon Mines (Administrative Deputy to the Associate Dean of Medical Education) as well as the medical students in the first year of the three-year track.




  • Samer Srouji

    Samer Srouji DMD, PhD Elected Pres. of IADR Dental Research Division in Israel


    Congratulations to Prof. Samer Srouji, Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and head of the Galilee College of Dental Sciences at GMC, on his election as president of the IADR Dental Research Division in Israel.

    IADR is an international non-profit association that promotes the health and well-being of the global community, and includes more than 10,000 leaders in dental, oral and craniofacial medicine research worldwide. Prof. Srouji was also elected to join the IADR Pan European Region European Dental Research Division (IADR PER) head council.

    He serves as the head of the Bone Regeneration Lab at the Galilee Medical Center (an Azrieli Faculty of Medicine affiliate) and is director of the Department of Oral, Maxillofacial Surgery & Oral Medicine Institute and the head of the Galilee College of Dental Sciences, both at the Galilee Medical Center,

    Prof. Srouji: "I am honored to be elected president of the dental research division in Israel. In collaboration with thousands of renowned researchers from all over the world, and under the umbrella of the international organization, I will work to promote dental research in Israel and globally. Moreover, I intend to strengthen dental research in the periphery of Israel and lead it to internationally recognized achievements".