Faculty News Regarding the War


Last week, pre-clinical students (who have not yet started their studies) volunteered to help parents with their children who are also our students, in their clinical years (who started studying two weeks ago).


Studies Continue Despite the Warלימודים בצל המלחמה

Dr. Inbar Ben Shahar (Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Ziv Medical Center) sent a touching picture: clinical studies began despite and alongside the war.


Summary of Faculty Activities

Three weeks have passed since the war began on October 7, 2023, Shabbat Simchat Torah. Below is a very abbreviated list of activities initiated by our students and faculty. Special thanks to our medical student, Raz Croitoru, who has been documenting the activities:

  • Blood drawing (phlebotomy) courseקורס לקיחת דמים
  • A student database was established, including some 800 students. Includes:
    • Their location in the country or abroad + who they are staying with
    • Are in conflict and need help
    • Have they or their spouses been conscripted?
    • Do they volunteer and where/want to volunteer?
    • Are there injured/missing people in the family?
    • Number of children + frames for children
    • Additional problems
  • Phone calls made to students to check on their well-being and if/how they need assistance.
  • Zoom was held offering tools for dealing with trauma situations with patients/families/friends affected by trauma and how to function in situations of uncertainty and harsh news.
  • An emergency workshop was held to train students at Tel Hashomer - taking venous blood for laboratory tests, inserting a set for fluid infusion, inserting an infusion into a peripheral vein and setting up a peripheral vein infusion.
  • Emergency clinics established in Amirim and Farud.
  • Medical students volunteered at the Forensic Medicine Institute as physician assistants.
  • Forms were created to register volunteers at the hospitals in Nazareth, Afula, and Ziv, alongside the health funds in the north and SPHERE.
  • An updated Internet bulletin board was established, that is updated accordingly, for the convenience of the students.
  • We matched up real time needs and offers to help.


Pilot Teddy Bear Strength and Resilience Center a Successfrom benny dayan

Read more here.


Collection of Clothing and EquipmentNomy and Moran

Dr. Nomy Dickman and Dr. Moran Yadid coordinated a collection of children's and youth clothing, games, and other equipment for the benefit of the residents of the Gaza border who lost their homes in the recent war. Within just a few days, dozens of packages were collected from members of the Faculty and their communities, especially from Rosh Pina and area kibbutzim coordinated by Moran Teitelbaum and Shontal Behar, and many mobilized for the effort, loading, and transporting the donations. The response was impressive in its scope, and expresses the general spirit felt throughout the country these days: mutual responsibility and joint mobilization to rebuild. The donations were delivered to the families via United Hatzalah volunteers and the project of the volunteer Maya, who sorted the equipment and distributed it to the families based on demand and need.


We've Opened a Faculty "War Room" for Students

The well-being of our students is of utmost concern and as such, a centralized "War Room" (direct translation from the Hebrew, for lack of a better name) has been established. For now, these are some of our activities (in Hebrew):

war room




On a Personal Note: Shir Galin

Shir Galin, who on a regular basis coordinates the team of medical psychologists at Ziv Hospital, while being a student in Dr. Hanna Keren's HAC-K (Human Artificial Control-Keren) lab, reports: Since the outbreak of the war two weeks ago, I have been organizing the emergency response of the psychologists and mental health professionals at Ziv Hospital. For the past two weeks, we have been treating trauma victims from the south and the north, and are on standby for any event that will occur in our sector.

Do you also have a personal story? Share it with us.


Zoom: Dealing with patients with emotional trauma and how to function in times of uncertainty

Last night, following student requests, a Zoom lecture was held for all students of the Faculty.

The following invitation was sent:

Dear Students,

In these very trying times, when each of you is trying to contribute as much as you can, when you are volunteering at the hospitals and having trouble finding the right words to encourage, support, and hug, we received a request from some students for a Zoom topic planned for the beginning of the year: delivering bitter news - which can give you tools.

In addition, we recruited a psychiatrist, Dr. Ayala Oren, who agreed to convey to you on Zoom the topic of dealing with an emotionally traumatized patient and functioning in times of uncertainty.

Thank you to Dr. Rita Mashov, the coordinator of the Basic Clinical Principles course, who arranged the meeting.

Some 80 students participated in the Zoom and feedback was very positive.


Emergency Mobilization for the Purchase of 200 POCUS (Taken from BIU Facebook and LinkdIn pages)


Bar-Ilan University and the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine have launched an emergency mobilization campaign to purchase 200 Point of Care Ultra Sound devices (POCUS) to be used by fighters and medical teams in the combat zones. The innovative devices will help diagnose critical injuries on the battlefield, prioritize well, and evacuate those in the most difficult situation by helicopter.

The cost of each device is $4,000. You can donate any amount to purchase the devices on the secure website https://did.li/J3waa

The idea of using these devices on the battlefield arose thanks to one of the medical school students who is currently serving on the border with Gaza. The Faculty management, headed by the Dean, Prof. Orly Avni, adopted the idea and decided to help purchase the device for IDF medical teams. It received approval from the IDF, and in cooperation with the university's CEO, Zohar Yinon, the initial budget for the purchase of dozens of devices has already been achieved. Bar-Ilan University is now appealing to the general public in order to purchase additional devices and provide a response to the need that arises from the field.

Together with the distribution of the devices to the fighters, the doctors and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, who are skilled in working with the innovative device, enlisted to train the medical teams in the field in an expedited manner; And they will do so whenever and wherever it takes.

For secure donations https://did.li/J3waa


Last Updated Date : 19/11/2023