Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE Conferences

Reflecting on SPHERE's Inaugural Conference on Diabetes and Obesity and Looking Forward to the 2nd Annual Conference on May 22nd, 2024SPHERE


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, tackling the challenges posed by Diabetes and Obesity demands innovative approaches and collaborative efforts. In 2023, SPHERE took a significant step forward by hosting its inaugural conference dedicated to addressing these pressing issues. With over 250 professionals from the fields of diabetes and obesity in attendance, the event served as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. Let's delve into the highlights of this groundbreaking conference and the impact it made on the field.

Registration and Poster Presentations:

The day kicked off with registration, setting the stage for a day filled with insightful discussions and presentations. Attendees were greeted with a diverse array of poster presentations and exhibitions showcasing the latest research and innovations in the field of diabetes and obesity, providing a snapshot of the cutting-edge work being done by professionals worldwide.

Plenary Session:

The morning session featured a dynamic plenary session, with scientific presentations spanning various disciplines related to diabetes and obesity. From clinical research to lifestyle behaviour change, reducing health inequities to innovative approaches in diabetes care, attendees were treated to a wealth of insights and discoveries driving progress in the field.

Break-out Sessions:

Following a brief interlude, attendees participated in break-out sessions focused on four key themes:

The Obesity and Diabetes Pathway: This session explored strategies to prevent, care for, and control diabetes and obesity across the entire disease pathway. From clinical research to lifestyle interventions and implementation of interventions, attendees delved into the multifaceted approaches needed to reduce the burden of these conditions.

Ethics in Real-Life Research: In an era of complex interventions and diverse research methodologies, this session addressed the ethical considerations and planning necessary for conducting research with patients and communities, ensuring that research is conducted with integrity and respect for human rights.

New Approaches in Education: Recognizing the intersectional social challenges of diabetes and obesity, this session focused on the development and implementation of new medical technologies and devices, emphasizing the importance of continuous education and training for healthcare providers to improve patient care.

Cure: Delving into the realm of basic science research, this session explored efforts to find a cure for diabetes by examining the interface of immunity, obesity, metabolism, microbiome, and tissue regeneration. Attendees explored promising avenues for addressing diabetes and obesity at their root causes through innovative scientific approaches.

Plenary Summary and Closing:

As the day drew to a close, attendees reconvened for a plenary summary, reflecting on the key insights and takeaways from the day's discussions. With renewed inspiration and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead, participants bid farewell to the conference, energized and equipped with new knowledge and connections to drive progress in the field.

Looking Ahead:

As we reflect on the success of SPHERE's inaugural conference on diabetes and obesity, we are thrilled to announce that plans are underway for the 2nd annual conference, scheduled for May 22, 2024. Building on the momentum and insights gained from the inaugural event, the upcoming conference promises to deliver even more groundbreaking research, innovative interventions, and collaborative opportunities. With a lineup of new data, research findings, and dynamic speakers, the 2nd annual conference will serve as a platform for continued learning, networking, and dialogue in the field of diabetes and obesity. We invite professionals, researchers, clinicians, policymakers, advocates, and anyone passionate about addressing these critical health challenges to join us for this enriching and transformative event. Registration is open, and we look forward to welcoming you to another inspiring gathering dedicated to advancing health education and research.


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