Research Topics

The best medical schools worldwide include research centers. At the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine research institute, here too investigators are encouraged to explore both basic pre-clinical as well as clinical research topics.

The guiding principle at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine is Translational Research – applying targeted research to specific issues that arise in hospitals and clinics.

Sophisticated, state-of-the-art research laboratories can be found at the Safed campus. These laboratories are run and directed by scientists who were recruited from prestigious laboratories around the globe to conduct advanced medical research. They work in tight collaboration with clinical researchers from hospitals in the Galilee area, where new research wings are to be established.   

Advanced Degrees (M.Sc and Ph.D) in Medical Sciences/Postdoctoral Studies

The Graduate curriculum consists of courses and research work. The subject matter of each student will be determined in consultation with the advisor.

The research will be carried out in research laboratories at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine located in Safed, or in research laboratories affiliated hospitals in the Galilee.

To see the list of research groups offering doctoral and postdoctoral positions at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, click here.hand pixabay