Medical School

The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine offers a highly innovative teaching program (in Hebrew). As we are training Israel’s future physicians to serve the health needs of the 21st century, we strongly support future-looking curricula, teaching techniques and technologies based on the most advanced educational theories. A particular challenge is training the teachers in new educational modalities and creating a cadre of local medical leadership. By doing this, we endeavor to transform Israel’s northern periphery into a national center for medical education.

At the core is a well-rounded curriculum that prepares its students to practice medicine in the 21st century. Our pre-clinical studies program is conducted using a novel, integrative, multi-disciplinary approach by a series of “clinical arenas” in which the classical fields of medicine are integrated according to normal biological and pathological processes. Among the benefits of this approach is the fresh perspective of how the various systems of the body interact in their healthy and in their diseased states. Employing hundreds of physicians ensures our students receive the broadest possible education and multiple viewpoints.

Our physicians and researchers spend time providing frontal lectures, case-based learning (CBL), team-based learning (TBL), and other instruction-related tasks. They are, however, much more than teachers. Many of the physicians participate in the mentoring program, sit on Faculty of Medicine committees, offer workshops, or fill administrative and networking roles.

For medical students to be recognized by the Israeli government as medical doctors, they must pass national medical board exams in the following disciplines:

  • Pediatrics
  • Internal medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgery

In addition to the national exams, each medical school administers its own examinations in other relevant fields.

A leading physician at a major hospital in the center of the country summed up the training very well: “While the medical knowledge of physicians from Bar-Ilan is the same as from other Israeli schools, the passion of the Bar-Ilan graduates is exceptional.” It has become common knowledge that our students possess a great sense of sensitivity, compassion and concern towards their patients.