Outstanding Instructor Evaluation

The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine strives towards excellence in all its efforts to train the doctors of the future.

The Ceremonies for Outstanding Instructors (and Departments) offer the Faculty an opportunity to thank the teachers for their hard work, in the clinical as well as pre-clinical training of the medical students - in addition to their hard work as researchers and/or as medical doctors.

Some teachers win awards year after year, and some merit more than one award at one ceremony,

Survey results determine who will receive the accolade. These surveys are developed and analyzed by the Educational Evaluation and Advancement Unit, directed by Dr. Nomy Dickman, and the final decision is made by a committee headed by the Associate Dean for Medical Education, Prof. Eric Shinwell.

Decisions are based not only on raw scores but number of respondents. Students are encouraged to submit evaluations, in order to improve the level of teaching at the Faculty.

Hundreds of online surveys are evaluated annually by the Faculty, covering pre-clinical as well as clinical studies in the hospitals and clinics. At the Faculty, teaching, studying, and evaluating go hand-in-hand, aiming towards a shared goal: excellence.