A Word from Prof. Eric Shinwell

A Word from Prof. Eric Shinwell, Associate Dean, Medical Education

Dear Alumni,

I hope all is well with you and that you have found your niche in the medical profession. I hope you find great satisfaction in providing help to your individual patients and in promoting the health of the population in general. Do not stop inquiring, always be curious, as this leads to perpetual learning.

Our alumni organization is named after Prof. Mickey Weingarten who was the Faculty's First Medical Education Associate Dean. He was the main mover and shaker behind the curriculum, and devised many innovative educational ideas that other faculties are emulating. An international committee has examined the Faculties of Medicine in the country and has noted and commended our curriculum, thanks in large part to Prof. Weingarten. We cannot and will not forget his leadership capabilities, and warm and special personality that have been so lacking since his untimely death. 

We hope that this organization will be a useful resource for you and the students currently studying at the faculty.


Prof. Eric Shinwell

Eric Shinwell


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