Faculty of Medicine Newsletter 74 (May 2023)

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Bar-Ilan Open HouseOpen House

The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine was excited to participate in the Bar-Ilan University Open House on May 12, 2023 at the main Ramat Gan campus. It proved an excellent opportunity to meet potential graduate and MD students who visited our tables to learn about our many programs and ask relevant questions.

Three-Year MD Program Application Deadline

Three-year MD program (2024-25) applications will be accepted June 6-July 2, 2023. Entrance exam and interviews will be held in Safed in August 2023.

MSc Graduation CeremonyMSc Graduation

Congratulations to our 27 MSc in BioMedical Sciences graduates. Ceremony was held on May 18, 2023. Read more here.


  • Congratulations to Dr. Doron Sagi who completed his PhD last year under the supervision of Prof. Mary Rudolf, on being awarded the Haim Doron Prize for Community Medicine. Dr. Sagi's doctorate, evaluated the ETGAR course and its impact on students and patients.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Maamoun Basheer on receipt of the Outstanding Specialist award at the 44th Conference of the Israel Medical Association. Dr.Basheer Basheer is a physician-researcher at the Galilee Medical Center who received his MD degree from the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine (photo credit to right, Roni Albert).

May Seminars

  • Faculty Seminar: Prediction and Evaluation of Novel Meta-Synergistic Drug Combinations for Solid Tumors (Dr. Yosef Shamay, Technion)
  • Special Faculty Seminar: The tubulin code: a molecular mechanism to coordinate complex cellular functions (Prof. Carsten Janke, Institut Curie, Paris, to right)Carsten Janke
  • Faculty Seminar: Towards deep phenotyping of social behavior in animal models of neurodevelopmental disorders (Prof. Shlomo Wagner, Haifa University)
  • Faculty Seminar: Wisdom of the crowds and membraneless organelles: Revisiting long-lasting dogmas in molecular microbiology (Prof. Orna Amster-Choder, Hebrew University)
  • Special Seminar: Cortisol in Context: Understanding the impact of social and emotional factors on everyday hormonal secretion (Dr. Theresa Pauly, Simon Fraser U)
  • PhD Seminar: Investigation of Pink1 interactions with selected mitochondrial quality control proteins and their significance in cardiovascular disease (Shulamit Ben Uliel, supervised by Dr. Nir Qvit)

Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Visits RigaRiga delegation

A delegation of researchers from the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine (Dr. Nomy Dickman, Dr. Muhammad Mansour, Prof. Alexander Lerner, Dr. Alejandro Roisentul, Prof. Jean Soustiel, Dr. Dafna Willner), visited the Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte (Red Cross Medical College) in the beginning of May. An RSU delegation will be visiting Safed in the near future, all thanks to the Erasmus exchange program.

New National Course in Clinical Research Skills

The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine has partnered with Sheba Medical Centre and the Nazareth Center for qualification in medical professions to launch a new national course in clinical research skills. The pilot course was launched in April at the Faculty, with Prof. Chaim Putterman opening.

The course is given by experts from the different partner organizations as well as national and international experts. Further sessions are running at the Center for qualification in medical professions in Nazareth, Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv and online.course lecturer

The objective of the course is to equip the new generation of doctors with skills to conduct clinical research at the highest standards, as well as to foster a national network of young doctors collaborating in research. In the pilot year, approximately 25 doctors were selected to participate, and it is expected that the course will expand in the years to come.

Appointments and Promotions

Stay tuned for details about the newly elected Dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Orly Avni, and more …

Meet Our PhD Student Paul OtikuPaul Otiku

This month we would like to introduce you to Paul Otiku, an international doctoral student who conducts research under the supervision of Prof. Michael Edelstein.

How did you find out about Bar-Ilan University?

I first got to know about Bar-Ilan from the University website. I contacted Prof. Michael Edelstein about a PhD position he was looking to fill. The topic that was publicized interested to me as I was looking to advance my career in Public Health in vaccinology.

Why did you choose the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine?

Advanced studies in public health vaccinology are not available at Makerere University, Uganda. As such I was attracted by the opportunity offered in the field of population health at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine. I was able to get access to all the resources I needed to complete the PhD program.

What are you studying?

I am currently investigating the long-term impacts of COVID-19 vaccination in Israel. As part of my PhD work, we are following a cohort of individuals (vaccinated and non-vaccinated) to determine the long-term impact of COVID-19 vaccines.

Would you like to share with us a bit about your background?

I am a citizen of Uganda and Kenya. I was born in Uganda, however I lived most of my formative and early school years in Kenya. My parents moved to Uganda when I began high school, and I completed high school and undergraduate studies in Uganda. I received a BSc degree at Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Kampala and a Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in Cape Town South Africa. I worked briefly in clinical research at the Kenya Medical Research Institute and at two international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Childs life International and LastMile 4D Kenya, implementing public health intervention programs to underserved communities.

What do you enjoy most about your studies here?

I have had a great time in Safed since beginning my PhD studies. The support from the faculty administrative staff, other students, and my supervisors has been overwhelming to say the least. I have had at my disposal the resources I need to successfully complete my studies and I am grateful for the opportunity.

What are your aspirations for the future?

My expectations for the doctoral studies have largely been met. I have had all the resources and the support I needed. I look into the future with great optimism to apply the skills and knowledge gained. After completing my studies, I aspire to join an international organization or a public research group where I can apply the skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years.

What advice can you offer doctoral students coming to study at our Faculty, international as well as Israeli?

I can say The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine offers a good ambiance for the pursuit of doctoral studies. The academic as well as the administrative staff are supportive to the students. For prospective students, The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine would be worth their consideration if they are looking for a tranquil and supportive environment to pursue doctoral studies.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I am grateful to the University and my PI Prof. Michael Edelstein for the opportunity to attend the 17th World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) in Rome. I had an opportunity to share results from my PhD work and to network with professionals in my field. It was a huge platform for me and will remain one of the highlights of my doctoral studies. [Editor's note: Prof. Edelstein proudly adds that Paul presented two of his studies at the conference.]

Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERESPHERE

  • On May 3, 2023 the first Annual SPHERE Conference (in honor of Ruth Salzman) was held. Close to 250 attendees participated in scientific discussions ranging from beta-cells to clinical trial on obesity and implementation of intervention programs in the Bedouin population in southern Israel. We are looking forward to the next conference in 2024. 
  • SPHERE published the results of a study by Prof. Naim Shehadeh, Dr. Sivan Spitzer and Dr. Afif Nakleh on chatGPT. The study outlines that this new AI technology seems to have real potential to play a role in the development of educational materials for patients. 
  • On May 17, 2023 SPHERE hosted the Board of Trustees and senior leadership of Bar-Ilan University with a site visit in Shfar’am. The attendees participated in a 3-hour program outlining SPHERE’s research in collaboration with the Shfar’am municipality and various local partners. Prof.  Naim Shehadeh
  • On May 23, 2023 the first SPHERE Steering Committee for Nazareth met to discuss the strategic directions the city would like to take in its fight against diabetes and obesity. Representatives from across the healthcare, municipal, and other local landscape participated in the discussions. 

Read up about all SPHERE activities on their Facebook page here as well as on LinkdIn here.

Pictured to the right, Prof. Naim Shehadeh, director of SPHERE.

Website: What’s New?


Reminder that publications by Azrieli faculty are generally posted in chronological order based on publication date, per PubMed listings. If you have published an article recently that appears on PubMed but that was not listed in a Newsletter, I apologize, and please do let me know.


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