Iron Swords - *Instructions for Students and Staff*

Home Front Command English web page here.rainbow - Dan Hinenzon

Home Front Command English instructions here.

Full Home Front Command instructions in Hebrew, here.

Should you be at the main Bar-Ilan University Ramat Gan campus, please see here the list of campus shelters (in Hebrew, here).

For those in need of emotional or psychological support, our Support Hotline (03) 531-8811 will be open to the University community.

Bar-Ilan main website updates here.

Contact information for Faculty of Medicine graduate students: 072-2644947 or email here.

Once the decision has been made regarding when the 2023-24 academic year will open, we will post updates. As of now, BIU has decided that graduate degree studies will not commence before December 31, 2023. Clinical studies commenced November 5, 2023. Three-year MD Track commenced on December 3, 3034. Re pre-clinical MD studies, we will inform the students directly by email. In doubt, be in touch with the Faculty academic secretariat 072-2644930 (MD) or 072-2644947 (graduate degrees)


Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Safe Areas on Campus (in case of missile/rocket attack)

Building F (2500) rooms 101, 102, library

Building A (2000) student room 104 (2nd floor)

Building C (2200), B (2100) conference rooms 002 (first floor) and 102 (2nd floor)

Building D (2300), E (2400) offices 105 (2nd floor) and 004 (first floor)


How to Lock Your Safe Space/Shelter

how to lock a shelter



Last Updated Date : 05/06/2024