Faculty of Medicine Newsletter 66 (September 2022)

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Eleventh Annual Research Day (in Memory of Eli Hurvitz z"l)Hurvitz

Dedicated to the memory of Eli Hurwitz z"l, the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Eleventh Annual Research Day took place on September 5, 2022. The day-long conference, organized by Prof. Tzipora C. Falik-Zaccai, Vice Dean Medical Research, was an excellent opportunity for Faculty graduate students to share their research via posters and lectures. Prizes were given for the most impressive posters and lectures. Read more here. Select pictures can be seen here.




Prof. Chaim Putterman Participates in Tenth Galilee Conferenceconf

Prof. Chaim Putterman, Associate Dean Research, represented the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine at the 10th Annual Galilee Conference that took place in Migdal HaEmek on September 13, 2022. The conference is a meeting ground for local decision makers to discuss gaps felt in various realms, including medicine, in the periphery. Read more here.


Faculty Toast to the New Jewish Year 5783

The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine ushered in the new Jewish year, 5783, at a festive midday toast on September 19, 2022 at the Safed campus and via Zoom for those who were unable to physically attend. Read more here.  







Appointments and Promotions

  • Congratulations to Prof. Meir Shamay upon his promotion to associate professor with tenure
  • We welcome Dr. Rotem Kahlon who will be joining the Faculty on October 1, 2022 as a senior lecturer
  • We welcome Dr. Moran Yadid who will be joining the Faculty on October 1, 2022 as a senior lecturer

The Library of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Welcomes Its New Studentslibrary

In anticipation of the new academic year that opens on October 23, 2022, we would like to give our readers a peek into our beautiful academic library. Equipped with textbooks, books, and periodicals, our collection includes some 5000 books and 15,000 ebooks. The library also includes of course areas conducive to private and group study.


  • Special Seminar: Academic integrity at the era of digital learner (Dr. Yovav Eshet, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Zefat Academic College, hosted by Dr. Alon Barash)seminar
  • Special Faculty Seminar: Mechanical Stability of Microtubules (Prof. Jonathan Howard, Yale University, hosted by Dr. Ron Orbach)

New Student Union

We welcome the new Azrieli Student Union representatives for the 2022-23 academic year.













Mazal Tov

Mazal tov to Prof. Eric Shinwell on the birth of a granddaughter.


Condolences to Benjamin Costa on the passing of his mother.


Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERESPHERE

For latest SPHERE activity, see their Facebook page here.

Meet Our Doctors

This month we would like to introduce you to Prof. Nimer Assy head of the Department of Internal Medicine A at the Galilee Medical Center in Naharia and Clinical Associate Professor at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine.

Prof. Assy received his MD degree from the University of Louvain in Belgium and completed his specialization in Internal Medicine at the Rambam Hospital. From 1994 to 1996 he was a hepatology fellow at the Liver Unit at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg and at the University of Western Ontario for liver transplantation. Subsequently he was the hepatology consultant at the Liver Unit at Rambam and in 1999 established the Liver Unit at Ziv Medical Center in Safed. In 2007 he was nominated Assistant Professor in the Division of Medicine at the Technion Institute and in 2012, was nominated Associate Professor at the Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Medicine.Dr. Assy

His work has led to important discoveries regarding the association between hepatic fatty liver disease, soft drinks, and coronary artery disease.

Prof. Assy has two registered patents and has served as an active member of the Israeli Association for the Study of Liver Disease. In 2015 he moved from Ziv Medical Center to the Galilee Medical Center. In 2019 he was nominated among the best ten inspiring professors in Israel.


Azrieli Alumni Please Note

Please help us spread the word to Azrieli alumni that we want to keep in touch. We want to hear from them, from you. Go to our “Request for Information” page, here.

Note that currently we are expending special efforts to build the MD graduate alumni organization.grad

All graduates are encouraged to take advantage of the Bar-Ilan University Alumni Association, here.



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Reminder that publications by Azrieli faculty are generally posted in chronological order based on publication date, per PubMed listings. If you have published an article recently that appears on PubMed but that was not listed in a Newsletter, I apologize, and please do let me know.


  • Edo Y Birati: Meta-Analysis Comparing Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation With or Without Impella in Patients With Cardiogenic Shock (Am J Cardiol . )
  • Edo Birati:Use and Out-of-Pocket Cost of Sacubitril-Valsartan in Patients With Heart Failure (J Am Heart Assoc .)
  • Yael Findler-Meir, Michael V Joachim, Imad Abu El-Naaj: Unique challenges in naval military dentistry (Undersea Hyperb Med . )
  • Tawfik Khoury, Amir Shahin, Wisam Sbeit: Exploring the Optimal Timing of Endoscopic Ultrasound Performance Post-Acute Idiopathic Pancreatitis (Diagnostics (Basel) .)
  • Maya Zahavi, Hanan Rohana, Maya Azrad, Bracha Shinberg, Avi Peretz: Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Detection Using the Lucira™ Check It COVID-19 Test Kit (Diagnostics (Basel) .)
  • Bretler-Zager Tali: Youth Psychiatric Hospitalization in Israel during COVID-19: A Multi-Center Study (Int J Environ Res Public Health . )
  • Bisan Saleh, Kolluru D Srikanth, Tal Sneh, Evan Elliott, Hava Gil-Henn: FAK-Mediated Signaling Controls Amyloid Beta Overload, Learning and Memory Deficits in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease (Int J Mol Sci .)
  • Batsheva Tzadok, Yair Blumberg, Moti Shubert, Majdi Halabi, Eran Tal-Or, Shemy Carasso:Speckled Tracking of Pleura-A Novel Tool for Lung Ultrasound; Distinguishing COVID-19 from Acute Heart Failure (J Clin Med.)
  • Jacob Bornstein: Vaginal Leptothrix: An Innocent Bystander? (Microorganisms .)
  • Trishna Saha Detroja, Abraham O Samson: Virtual Screening for FDA-Approved Drugs That Selectively Inhibit Arginase Type 1 and 2 (Molecules.)
  • Paul Kuodi, Yanay Gorelik, Hiba Zayyad, Ofir Wertheim, Karine Beiruti Wiegler, Kamal Abu Jabal, Amiel A Dror, Saleh Nazzal, Daniel Glikman, Michael Edelstein: Association between BNT162b2 vaccination and reported incidence of post-COVID-19 symptoms: cross-sectional study 2020-21, Israel (NPJ Vaccines . )
  • Amiel A Dror, Amani Daoud, Netanel Eisenbach, Edward Kaykov, Masad Barhoum, Tsvi Sheleg, Eyal Sela, Michael Edelstein: Reasons underlying the intention to vaccinate children aged 5-11 against COVID-19: A cross-sectional study of parents in Israel, November 2021 (Hum Vaccin Immunother .)
  • Inbar Ben Shachar, Ilan Atlas: Prediction of Endometrial Cancer Recurrence by Using a Novel Machine Learning Algorithm: An Israeli Gynecologic Oncology Group study (J Gynecol Obstet Hum Reprod .)
  • Yasmine Ghantous, Imad Abu El-Naaj: A mucoadhesive patch loaded with freeze-dried liposomes for the local treatment of oral tumors (Drug Deliv Transl Res .)
  • Rafi Brener: Dental health of pediatric patients with X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) after three years of burosumab therapy (Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) .)
  • Adi Shani, Dan Ciubotaru, Alon Rod, Nimrod Rahamimov: Self-reported pain during the initial postoperative period following open lumbar spine fusion surgery does not correlate with the number of levels fused: A prospective trial of 40 patients (Pain Pract .)
  • Khalaf Kridin: Nineteen months into the pandemic, what have we learned about COVID-19-related outcomes in patients with psoriasis? (J Cosmet Dermatol .)
  • Haggai Suisa, Jean Francois Soustiel, Yuval Grober: IgG4-related pachymeningitis masquerading as foramen magnum meningioma: illustrative case (J Neurosurg Case Lessons . )
  • Estela Patapnyan, Ohad Ronen: Parallel reduction in the prevalence of Bell's palsy, idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss and viral infection diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic (J Infect . )
  • Ala Aiob, Ziyada Gaziyev, Susana Mustafa Mikhail, Maya Wolf, Lior Lowenstein, Marwan Odeh: The value of a simple sonographic screening test for placenta accreta spectrum prediction: A case-control study (Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol . )
  • Majd Asakly, Raed Farhat, Nidal El Khatib, Ashraf Khater, Alaa Safia, Marwan Karam, Saqer Massoud, Taiser Bishara, Yaniv Avraham, Adi Sharabi-Nov, Shlomo Merchavy: Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration of Deep Thyroid Nodule: Is There a Correlation between the Nodule's Depth and Nondiagnostic Results? (J Thyroid Res .)
  • Khalaf Kridin: Severe breakthrough COVID-19 infections in vaccinated patients with schizophrenia in Israel (World Psychiatry .)
  • Elon Glassberg, Avi Benov: Manual Pressure Points Technique for Massive Hemorrhage Control - A Prospective Human Volunteer Study (Prehosp Emerg Care .)
  • Shemy Carasso: Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices for the Treatment of Cardiogenic Shock Complicating Acute Myocardial Infarction-A Review (J Clin Med . ) 
  • Sondra Turjeman, Carmel Even, Omry Koren: Intraamniotic Administration ( Gallus gallus) of Genistein Alters Mineral Transport, Intestinal Morphology, and Gut Microbiota (Nutrients .)
  • Salim T Khoury, Amir Mari: A patient with dysphagia and recurrent syncope: not only gastroenterological investigation (Minerva Gastroenterol (Torino) .)
  • Nosaiba Rayan-Gharra, Marganit Ofir-Gutler, Sivan Spitzer: Shaping health: conducting a community health needs assessment in culturally diverse peripheral population groups (Int J Equity Health .)
  • Elite Arnon-Sheleg: Vascular Graft Infection Imaging (Semin Nucl Med .)
  • Maya Azrad, Dafna Vazana, Avi On, Maya Paritski, Hanan Rohana, Halim Roshrosh, Keren Agay-Shay, Avi Peretz: Antibiotic resistance patterns of Helicobacter pylori in North Israel - A six-year study (Helicobacter .)
  • Shlomo Merchavy: Pembrolizumab as a first line therapy in a patient with extensive mucoepidermoid salivary gland carcinoma. A complete clinical, radiological and pathological response. A very specific case (Discov Oncol.)
  • Shlomo Merchavy; US-guided FNA techniques for thyroid nodules is the short axis better than the long axis? (Am J Otolaryngol .)
  • Liron Rozenkrantz : Editorial: Predictive mechanisms in action, perception, cognition, and clinical disorders (Front Hum Neurosci . )
  • Regina Michelis, Lama Milhem, Evleen Galouk, Galia Stemer, Tamar Tadmor, Mona Shehadeh, Lev Shvidel, Masad Barhoum, Andrei Braester: Increased serum level of alpha-2 macroglobulin and its production by B-lymphocytes in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (Front Immunol .)
  • Iryna Khrystoforova, Chen Shochat-Carvalho, Ram Harari, David Karasik: Zebrafish mutants reveal unexpected role of Lrp5 in osteoclast regulation (Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) . )

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11th Annual Translational Research Day (Sept 2022) - In Memory of Eli Hurvitz



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