Congratulations to PhD Recipients

PhD Recipients

You worked hard for the title "PhD" - and we are proud of you. We beamed along with you at last night's graduation ceremony at the main Bar-Ilan campus in Ramat Gan.

Name Research Advisor Thesis/Dissertation
Dr. Daniel Baumel Prof. Orly Avni The Role of iASPP in the Regulation of the Inflammatory Process
Dr. Mor Zigdon Dr. Shai Bel Salmonella manipulates the host to drive pathogenicity via induction of interleukin 1?
Dr. Worood Sirhan Dr. Ron Piran Mapping the cross-talk between the pancreatic endocrine cells
Dr. Lee Izhaki-Tavor Dr. Moshe Dessau Structural and Mechanistic Investigation of RNA Binding Protein in RNA Metabolism and RNP Assembly
Dr. Shulamit Fluss Ben-Uliel Dr. Nir Qvit Investigation of PTEN-Induced Putative Kinase Protein 1 (Pink1) Interactions with Selected Mitochondrial Quality Control Proteins and Their Significance in Cardiovascular Disease.
Dr. Narasimha Kadali Venkata  Prof. Michael Blank SMURF2 regulates nuclear shape and genomic integrity maintenance through ubiquitination  of lamin-A on Lysine-32
Dr. Sawaed Wisal Dr. Ron Piran Combination Drug Therapy for Type-1 Diabetes in Mice


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