AVESTIN, EmulsiFlex®-C3

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The EmulsiFlex-C3 has a capacity of 3L/hr. The flow rate is independent of homogenizing pressure. Minimum sample volume of 7mL with a holdback volume of less than 1mL.
Pressure: Adjustable between 500-30,000psi(30-2,000bar), which is high enough for virtually every homogenization application. Pneumatic pressure control with virtually no air consumption. Pressure transducer for precision pressure measurement is also available.
Unique Design: The EmulsiFlex-C3 has an electric gear motor driven, single-acting, high-pressure pump. Almost noiseless. Runs with 220V or 110V power. The motor is only 1HP (0.75kW). There are no “O”-rings in the high pressure product path. The instrument can be installed and run almost anywhere.
Temperature Control: AVESTIN provides stainless steel heat exchangers to control inlet and outlet temperatures. Filter/Extruder: The EmulsiFlex-C3 can be equipped with a
high pressure filter/extruder. Applications include the extrusion of emulsions or liposome through membranes and sterile filtration at high pressure.                              Homogenizing Valve: The EmulsiFlex-C3 is delivered with a dynamic homogenizing valve. The valve can be easily disassembled for cleaning or inspection. Submicron particles or droplets with diameters less than 50nm and extremely narrow size distributions can
be achieved.
Cleaning/Sterilization: The equipment is Steam-InPlace (SIP) sterilizable. It is suitable for clean room and GMP manufacturing. All wetted parts are autoclavable. For inspection, all wetted parts can be disassembled and reassembled in a short time.            Applications: Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, coatings, inks, food, etc. Suitable for clean room and GMP manufacturing.

• Capacity: 3L/hr @60Hz
• Pressure: Up to 30,000psi / 2,000bar
• Min. Volume: 7ml
• Electric Motor Driven


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