Monolith NT.115

Location: Building C room 004



The Monolith NT.115 combines the versatility to use of a broad range of fluorophores and fluorescent proteins with all benefits of the MicroScale Thermophoresis technology. The instrument is equipped with one Nano detector that has two different fluorescence channels. The following channel combinations can be chosen:

  • Nano-BLUE/RED
  • Nano-GREEN/RED

The Monolith NT.115 allows measuring every interaction type – ranging from the formation of huge protein complexes to the binding of single metal ions. As there are no prerequisites with respect to the buffer composition, even such complex liquids as serum or lysates can be used for interaction studies.

Key features: 

  • Dynamic range: nM to mM dissociation constants (for sub-nM affinities see NT.115Pico)
  • Many commercially available fluorophores and fusion proteins can be used
  • Low sample consumption: just 4 µl per titration point
  • Only 10 nM of the fluorescent molecule is necessary
  • Purification Free interaction studies in lysate or serum
  • No size limitation: Monitor binding of low MW molecules as well as binding of ribosomes
  • Get your Kdin minutes
  • Kd-Plus: Get unique information on sample quality and aggregation along with the Kd
  • Maintenance-free instrument
  • Straightforward handling: Simple sample preparation and intuitive software user interface


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