Tzafon Medical Center Instructors Receive Certificates of Appreciation

טקס צפון

Doctors from Tzafon Medical Center received certificates of appreciation for excellence in teaching from the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine on April 19, 2023. Thirty one certificates of excellence were distributed at the ceremony to doctors, with five more certificates for outstanding departments, and two certificates for outstanding department chairpeople.

The first to offer greetings was Acting Dean, Prof. Chaim Putterman who spoke about the importance of good teachers for our future doctors. He was followed by Prof. Eric Shinwell, Associate Dean for Medical Education who shared his personal story about why he chose pediatrics, inspired by another doctor. Dr. Nomy Dickman, head of the unit for Development and Evaluation of Education at the Faculty, spoke about the different models defining a good doctor and showed a video of graduates sharing what most influenced them during their studies. Finally, Prof. Erez Onn, director of Tzafon Medical Center spoke, sharing that among the doctors sitting in the hall and receiving the certificate, were some of his previous students.

The doctors were then called one by one to the stage to receive the certificates and a gift from Tzafon Medical Center. 

Photos from the ceremony can be seen here.


Last Updated Date : 27/04/2023