Ministers of Health and Finance: Operating license for the Da Vinci robot will be approved at the Galilee Medical Center in Naharia

Da Vinci surgical robot

Excellent news for affiliate hospital Galilee Medical Center in Naharia: The Israeli Ministers of Health and Finance have approved the operating license of the Da Vinci Robot in GMC.

Prof. Johnny Younis, Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Vice Dean for Clinical Education, explains: "The purchase of this device represents a significant step for the field of robotic surgery, and is very noteworthy. This also shows that there are leading physicians at GMC who are proficient in this technology and are interested in promoting its use within the institution. The main departments that will be making use of the device are surgery, gynecology, and possibly even urology. Students who will be exposed to the device will get to know and learn about the technology."

Link to Israel Hayom Hebrew article here.


Last Updated Date : 07/12/2021