Prof. Masad Barhoum (GMC) Receives Two Awards


Prof. Masad Barhum, general director of the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, an affiliate of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, recently received two prestigious awards: the Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary International, and the Israel Political Science Association Award.

A ceremony was held at the Rambam Medical Center, where Prof. received the Paul Harris Fellow Award for 2021. The award is granted to leaders in the field who have contributed to Israeli society. It is considered the most prestigious Rotary International award. Rotary dignitaries were in attendance.

When asked why Prof. Barhoum was chosen for the accolade, emphasis was placed on Prof. Barhoum serving as the first Israeli Arab in the history of the State of Israel to be elected to run a government hospital. His professionalism stands out, as well as his commitment to innovation, growth, and accessibility to populations of all religions and socio-economic backgrounds.

It was also noted that 1,600 corona patients had been hospitalized at the medical center in the past year, and during this period Prof. Barhum was one of the most outspoken in the media regarding his support of a tight shut-down, as well as widespread vaccinations.

Prof. Barhum thanked his parents, wife, and three daughters, and noted, "I stand here on behalf of the 3,000 employees of the Galilee Medical Center." He concluded by reciting the poem "Sweat" by Noam Horev, and added, "I thank the people at my medical center for daring to sweat. Thanks to them, cracks of light were able to break the great darkness."

Previously, Prof. Barhum had received an award from the Israel Political Science Association for 2020, for being an outstanding public servant. The chairman of the award committee, Adi Eldar, said that Prof. Barhum was chosen for the prize as he transformed the medical center into a leading national hospital. GMC serves 600,000 residents from all religions and backgrounds, at the highest professional level. The chairman of the award committee also added that his leadership and sense of mission are what made Prof. Barhoum a director of one of the leading hospitals in the country.

[Photo credit Moshe Maoz, GMC]

Last Updated Date : 20/06/2021