Book Launch Event: Active Education for Future Doctors (Nomy Dickman, Barbara Schuster eds.)

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active education for future doctors

The Bar-Ilan University Central Library launched Azrieli Faculty member, Dr. Nomy Dickman's new book, Active Education for Future Doctors, in a well- attended evening Zoom meeting on October 13, 2020. This was the second in a series of University book launches.

The two hour event was hosted by Dr. Olga Goldin, director of the University Library System, and coordinated by Ms. Naomi Avrahami. 

Prof. Amnon Albeck, rector of the University, opened by quoting from the weekly Torah portion (Bereshit) that discusses "tohu vavohu," colloquial for lack of order or sense. He stated that in these times of Corona-generated tohu vavohu, education is the only stable constant; not one day of studies was missed. He ended on an optimistic note, pointing out that this Corona era gives us the opportunity to improve on education (with the help of Dickman and Schuster's book of course).

Prof. Karl Skorecki, dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, also quoted from Bereshit, mentioning the Tree of Knowledge – “etz hadaat tov v’rah.” Knowledge includes not only truth, but values (tov v’rah – good and bad). The Azrieli Faculty views this as an integral part of medical education. He also pointed out that although we are in a new era, even Abraham Flexner in 1910 appreciated the importance of active education in medical training.

Prof. Eric Shinwell, associate dean of medical education, thanked Dr. Dickman for her timely resource. He admits that resistance to change is natural, but that even a dry lecture can be turned into an active experience. He made sure to mention the introduction and success of the flipped classroom to the Azrieli curriculum.

Before Dr. Dickman and Prof. Schuster offered a few words, guest lecturers Prof. Nitza Davidovitch of the National Forum for the Advancement of Education and Teaching in Academia, Dr. Michael Kaffman of the Israeli Medical Association and Prof. Roza Leikin of the University of Haifa shared their insights and presented questions for future consideration.

Active Education for Future Doctors can be accessed here or purchased here.