Onn lab looking for talented and motivated PhD students

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Research in the lab is focused on dissecting the molecular mechanism of Structural of Maintenance (SMC) protein complexes that play key roles in shaping the 3-D structure of chromatin. For this purpose, we use a multidisciplinary approach that includes genetics, molecular biology, and advanced microscopy. For more details please see our website www.onnlab.org. For a taste of our research you can check our latest current genetics (https://link.springer.com/arti…/10.1007%2Fs00294-019-01034-1) and EMBO reports publications (https://www.embopress.org/doi/full/10.15252/embr.201948211).

If you would like to perform great science at a fun and supportive environment please send your CV to Dr. Itay Onn.