A Ph.D degree in Medical Sciences

Research work for a Ph.D degree in Medical Sciences

a. At the end of the first year, students are required to submit a research proposal that includes preliminary results that reinforce their research hypothesis. They will then have to pass a candidacy exam (oral exam) before two Academic Progress Committee members (appointed by the Faculty Committee for Graduate Degrees) in which they have to demonstrate their ability to perform original research in their field. Only after the committee approves their research proposal, will it be forwarded to the University Research Students Committee for approval.

b. The Academic Progress Committee will follow the student's progress throughout his/her Ph.D. The student will be required to submit a yearly progress report, approved by the supervisor. The Academic Progress Committee will summon the student to check on his/her rate of progress.

c. Upon completion of his/her research , the student will hand in a summary report to the Academic Progress Committee. After the report is approved by the committee, the student can begin writing the doctoral thesis.



Students are required to take courses to the extent of 8 annual hours.

Courses may be taken throughout 4 academic years.

Elective courses for Ph.D students need to be relevant to the student's field of research, chosen from the list of courses for graduate studies, and subject to approval by the student's supervisor.

The student must present 4 seminars, 0.5 annual hours each (a total of 2 annual hours out of the 8).

The student must participate in 2 mandatory courses:

  • "New frontiers in molecular and cellular biology" (1 annual hour).
    Course number 81-900
  • "Scientific research methods and the principles of scientific equipment and technologies" (2 annual hours). Course number 81-901

Students who will need to use animal models in their research are required to participate in advance in the intensive course "use of animals in research", course number 81-899

Furthermore, students must take basic courses to the extent of 4 annual hours (for those who did not previously study at Bar-Ilan University).



Students are awarded a scholarship, a complete exemption from tuition fees, and a housing scholarship of up to 700 NIS/month for the purpose of living in the Galilee.

Last Updated Date : 05/01/2022