Director Research Institute and Clinical Microbiology Clinic, Tzafon Medical Center

Prof. Avi Peretz

Director Research Institute and Clinical Microbiology Clinic, Tzafon Medical Center
Tzafon Medical Center, Research Institute, Building No. 26
Fields of Interest

Bacterial virulence factors
Diagnostic microbiology and rapid diagnosis of infections
Hospital-acquired infections
Host–pathogen interaction

Research field
Bacterial virulence factors
Research Center
Tzafon Medical Center (previously Baruch Padeh)

    Dr. Peretz is the Director of the Research Institute and Clinical Microbiology Clinic, Tzafon Medical Center.


    Infectious diseases are one of the most common causes of death worldwide. Among the reasons for this we can list the increase in the resistance  rate  of bacteria to antibiotics, alongside a sharp peak in the rate of hospital acquired infections. One of the challenges in the field is to identify the disease cause (bacterium, virus, parasite or fungus) quickly using various diagnostic tools, and to choose the appropriate treatment, for example, antibiotics.

    As part of its activities the laboratory researches the virulence mechanisms of various bacteria, such as the ability to form biofilm, toxins that cause various damages, as well as the response of the immune system and the relationship between the pathogen and the host. The laboratory closely collaborates with various research laboratories around the world and in Israel, and takes part in important multi-center international studies. Many of the studies conducted in the laboratory include the use of clinical samples collected from patients with various infectious diseases, as well as the use of animal models and cell cultures.

    In recent years, the laboratory focuses on the research of on Helicobacter pylori and Clostridioides difficile, and holds the largest bacterial bank in Israel.

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    *These  two  authors  contributed  equally.

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    *These  two  authors  contributed  equally.

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