Administrative Staff

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Name Position Telephone Email
Mr. Noam David Reschelbach Administrative Head of Faculty 072-2644941
Dr. Emil Aamar Lab Manager (Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Regulation) 072-2644976
Dr. Yoel Alter Lab Manager (Structural Biology of Infectious Diseases) 072-2644904
Dr. Michael Assa Inter-laboratory Microscope Technician 072-2644808
Mr. Yaniv Aton Animal Research Facility Staff 053-6271163
Ms. Sarit Azran-Aronovitz Coordinator, The Dean's office 072-2644937
Ms. Ilana Bar-Sabag Coordinator Scientific and Computer Purchasing 072-2644948
Dr. Yiftah Barsheshet Lab Manager (Regulation of gene expression in the immune system in health and disease) 072-2644922
Dr. Naamah Bloch Lab Manager (Drug discovery and design) 072-2644992
Dr. Alissa Burstein Coordinator English Information and Content - Ramat Gan Campus 03-7384327
Mr. Moshe Chen Animal Research Facility Staff 072-2644958
Dr. Gal Cohen-Levy Lab Manager (Molecular & Cellular Cancer Biology) 072-2644927
Mr. Benjamin Costa Animal Research Facility 072-2644931
Ms. Shira Dadon Coordinator, Student Affairs 072-2644960
Mr. Yehiel Dahan Head, Maintenance and Logistics 072-2644925
Dr. Ateret Davidovich Lab Manager (Molecular Virology) 072-2644982
Dr. Nomy Dickman Head of Unit, Evaluation and Advancement of Education 072-2644942
Dr. Jumanah Essa-Hadad Lab Manager (Population Health) 072-2644993
Dr. Boris Fichtman Lab Manager (Nuclear Structure & Function) 072-2644924
Ms. Noga Ganor Public Relations 072-2644945
Mr. Dmitriy Getselter Lab Manager (Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience) 072-2644969
Dr. Yehuda Gubbay Inter-laboratory Equipment Technician 072-2644988
Dr. Vyacheslav Gurevich Lab Manager (Viral Oncology) 072-2644917
Ms. Tova Hasidim Coordinator, Staff and Logistics 072-2644934
Ms. Hadas Hasidim Coordinator, Graduate Studies 072-2644947