COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Webinar: When the End Is Just the Beginning

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Webinar: When the End Is Just the Beginning - The COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge

A webinar series with the world’s foremost experts on vaccines, pandemics, and public health systems

Nearly eight months into the pandemic, hopes of conquering COVID-19 still largely rest on a vaccine. Thanks to the unprecedented speed and scale of development, dozens of candidates are now in advanced clinical trials. Yet whether vaccines will meet our hopes for a return to normal—now, or in the years to come—will depend on our ability to meet a new kind of challenge, one as logistical, operational, and cultural as it is epidemiological, and far more complex than any the world has faced in the history of immunization to date.

Hear five experts from around the globe and at the front lines of the COVID pandemic discuss what to expect the day after a vaccine, and how to be clear-eyed optimists in the face of the task ahead.

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