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The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine at Bar-Ilan University

Medicine and Research – The Individual and the Community

A Word from the Dean

Welcome to the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine site. Our young and unique faculty was established in 2011 in the heart of the upper Galilee and is one of the flagship faculties of Bar-Ilan University.

The Azrieli Faculty aspires to generate a transformative change in health, that will lead the Galilee to become the Health Capital of Israel.

Our plans include, among other projects, an ambitious but much needed expansion of the Faculty facility, increasing the number of students, and recruiting leading researchers to both the Faculty's laboratories and the affiliated hospitals' research centers. Teaching and clinical research connections with ambulatory care providers is an especially prominent feature of the academic program.

At the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine you will find a motivating and dynamic mosaic of people – academic, research, and administrative teams - who work together to develop and advance research and health at a regional, national, and international level.

The Azrieli Faculty offers the following M.D. programs:

1. The three year track - for students who have successfully completed three years of pre-clinical medical studies at a recognized Faculty of Medicine abroad.

2. The four year track – for students who have successfully completed their undergraduate degree studies, with a background in scientific disciplines.

3. Customized programs – for students with recognized premedical educational at affiliated colleges and universities.

The faculty also offers:

Graduate studies in biomedical and population health studies - M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs

The Faculty "Compass" program - designated to attract residents to medical centers in the Galilee. (link)

Six hospitals are currently affiliated with the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine:

Ziv Medical Center in Safed

The Galilee Medical Center in Naharia

Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Poria (Tiberias)

The EMMS (Scottish) hospital in Nazareth

The Holy Family Hospital (Italian) in Nazareth

The French Hospital in Nazareth

In addition we cooperate with the Rambam Medical Center, Ha-Emek Medical Center, and Mazor hospital in teaching specific clinical areas.

Our dedicated personnel gladly devote much time and effort to teaching and designing creative curriculum for both our students, and the residents at the medical centers. We also included unique courses, aiming to prepare the students for their professional life, by encouraging long term relations with patients at the community clinics and at the patients' homes.

Contemporary medicine progresses through advances in research and innovative initiatives. To this end, the Faculty has established advanced research centers at both the faculty campus and the affiliated hospitals. Research topics cover a wide spectrum of biomedical questions, from the basic level of proteins and the cell, through the biological systems of the body, to the wide area of population health.

Our young and dynamic researchers work in enthusiastic harmony. They aspire to achieve national and international leadership, and at the same time they teach and assist students in all the degree tracks.

Leveraging our current strength and strategic advantage of the population and geographic region, we are facing a particular emphasis on several research topic areas. These include:

  • Populations health with an emphasis on equality in health and wellbeing
  • Diabetes and metabolic diseases
  • Genomic medicine
  • Microbiome and Immunity
  • Convergence of Artificial and Human Intelligence in the Service of Health
  • Research and Innovation in medical education

Have you decided to study medicine? Why at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine?

  • We find ourselves at the transformative cusp of biomedical research and medical practice. We offer our students a unique opportunity to be part of a medical revolution in the Galilee and the surrounding region.
  • We have developed uniquely attractive programs for residents, in cooperation with the country's health institutions.
  • You will have the privilege to take part in advancing the Zionist mission from many perspectives.
  • You will be exposed to innovative research, medical discoveries, and exciting initiatives.
  • Our unique location enables experiencing the most beautiful Galilee and inspires learning and researching in this spiritual part of the country.

If you see your future as an excellent doctor with a strong scientific approach and good clinical judgment, together with integrity, modesty, and the drive for lifelong commitment – your place is with us.

As a physician and researcher who made Aliyah with my family 23 years ago, I am proud and happy to be part of the Azrieli faculty. I invite you to join us in our voyage of realizing Zionism at its best and of embedding your own seal on human health in the Galilee and throughout the country.

At the graduation ceremony the young doctors recite "The Hebrew Physician's Oath" which is the basis of modern medical ethics. According to the oath we commit ourselves to do everything we can to save life, not to cause any harm to our patients, to ethically conduct ourselves to keep medical confidentiality, and to provide equal treatment to patients whoever and wherever they are. This is the spirit of our faculty, together with the vision of medical, research, and educational excellence.

Our door is open. Please contact us if you have any questions or need clarifications.