Prof. Izhak Haviv

senior lecturer
Prof. Izhak Haviv
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Cancer Research
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Fields of interest

Project 1: Tumor Microenvironment and wound healing:

1) Characterization of the changes in tumor neighbors, specifically, functional genomic screens and epigenetic profiling of cancer associated fibroblasts and macrophages.

2) Mechanistic studies on existing finding linking particular genes with cancer promotion by neighboring cells.

Project 2: Genome-wide characterization of silent chromatin-associated non-coding RNA

Silent chromatin isolated via specific histone marks (H3K9-methylation and H3K27-methylation) harbors non-coding RNA (our unpublished results), which are molecules that change dramatically during biological developmental and envrironmental homeostatic responses. This project would involve manipulating the level of these molecules, and measuring the impact of this perturbation on cell function, such as cancer growth, survival, or migration.

Project 3:

More molecular disease-specific RNA and epigenetic genome-wide profiling at the aim of understanding key disease phenotypes, such as predisposition, progression, or drug response. This project will develop through collaborations in other Israeli institutes, as well as existing collaborations in Australia, such as the prostate cancer ICGC focus on androgen receptor mechanism of action and epigenetic characterization.